Being mindful as the storm approaches – ONE

As people are beginning or finishing to batten up the hatches for the coming storm, (being ever mindful not to say the “H” word) I continue to set my intention on the micro (My home) as well as the Macro (The rest of the state and country for that matter as all of it is connected.) I set my intention through the very powerful practice of meditation/prayer for the storm to turn or weaken so no one is hurt. there are thousands, perhaps millions doing the same. We are not powerless victims in this life, everything is a choice on some level.
Ever notice and hear people speak about how odd it is that a house gets blown away, but skips the one right next to or across from it? is is possible that your level of fear or anxiety is a negative manifesting tool calling in the very thing you give your energy to? Like the study that shows people afraid of sharks are sending out an energy that the sharks actually sense, thinking that will lead them to food, not people. The Mainstream media owned by the controllers know this, not all but some who always want you to notice the worst in the world. Keeping your peace and serenity is an even more powerful manifesting tool as it is a higher more potent frequency that is a by product of Love.

As there are powerful energies coming into the planet activating our DNA programming for an evolutionary jump up in consciousness, much clearing is going on, many of you feel it. Emotions are high, aches and pains, stomach problems as there are some foods you can no longer Tolerate, and some foods you now crave, such as water for me. Many cannot understand why they are so angry as they do not realize that as the veil is lifted of the matrix of control, you now see through all the controls and it no longer serves you to comply.

Some spiritual teachers are saying that the hurricanes, the floods, the Earthquakes and fires are a result of cabal technology. I have seen the research, I have little doubt about it, Then some spiritual teachers will say that these extreme weather conditions are simply evidence of the Earth and Humanity clearing out the trash to prepare Us all and the Earth to ascend to it’s next level of consciousness. (foretold as the age of Aquarius) understanding that all truths are real, we understand that a thing can be, and not be at the same time. Science shows us this is true. When we accept this in our reality the universe blows wide open an all access is granted you.

We are all clearing out the garbage from our lives, ourselves and everyone else to for this lifetime and past life times. Our Mother Earth (Gaia) is doing the same for as you know there has been much blood spilled on the ground throughout the ages. Holding your highest best intention is powerful, remaining calm is a choice. Once understood you will know why I continue to spend my time in the practice of mindfulness and meditation/prayer. BE safe all sending you all Love and Light. Namaste -ONE


Is HGTV a reality? or a “reality TV show?

As HGTV has made it trendy to showcase over priced homes around the country, I have come to believe the whole HGTV phenomenon is a tactic to drive up home prices for the “investor class” and to get the sheeple accustomed to paying ridiculously high prices (not to mention years of debilitating interest debt to banks).

These homes are often little more that oversized matchstick houses with toxic drywall. As we see the images come in from the devastation in Texas, it begins to sink in that the sheer scope of the damage done to these artificially inflated matchstick homes sheds light on how vulnerable home owners are who fell for these over priced homes, and the amount of money it will take to replace or repair them.

We are now as we speak face to face with the 800 lb gorilla in the storm. How do we respond to such tragedies when our government continues to spend (and lose) trillions in their constant state of war. With whatever is left goes out the back door of the treasury to their friends and family.

Like it or not, we are in a time where more concern is placed on banks and hedge funds and the corporate welfare system than on individuals. Make no mistake, it will take individuals to wake up and withdraw their compliance, to remove the shackles of their own debt slavery. This step is a small but powerful first step. To open your eyes and see through the systems of control that relies and exists on our cooperation.

Have you noticed that if you want to build a huge gaudy mansion anywhere, Somehow it will always be within code, But if you choose to innovate and build a small affordable, sustainable home, you will run into obstacles and government road blocks. This MUST and Will be addressed as more and more of us realize that the suits we have put all our confidence in cannot lead us where we want to go. That the dull indoctrinated “leadership” class only ensures more of the same, the sam o’l, same o’l.These entitled leaders, whether blue or red are remnants of the past, 20th century tactics and policies do not work in the 21st century. Back you old Dinosaurs of ignorance, Back I say, sit down and shut up, because many of us know you are a professional talker, and you never DO what you SAY you are going to do.

As news of yet another UBER CEO comes out, I read up on UBER. As best as I can tell, this is yet another corporation that makes money on the backs of those who do the work, and take the risks. Then the customers often subsidize the business much like the Pizza delivery industry who makes huge profits on their employers life force, their car and their risk. In fact, the current storm situation highlights the financial risks the people endure so that corporations can make more money than they need and more than they deserve or work for.

Low wages is the second profitable war front of the Banks against the sheeple. Poverty is imposed and is their secret weapon against all the things we want our culture to be.

It is easy to see that more money is spent to continue the illusion of lack, than would be spent to release abundance.

Our freedoms are attacked as they attempt to control, and hide free abundant energy tech and other healthcare tech from us and more. Change is on the horizon and this change, “The better Angels of our nature” are just waiting for us all to just say “NO MORE” to quit giving our consent. To quit blaming our children for why we are too cowardly to stand up, for in the end, all children are at risk when we do nothing. For in truth, what you do to another, you do to your child, and yourself. “NO” is a powerful effective word. try it… say “NO!”, that’s it, “NO!”

keep practicing… “NO!”. Then while you are saying your “NO’s” remember to hold the high energy of compassion and that is a volatile powerful energetic concoction of positive change. Namaste  -ONE


“Chill Out! & don’t be hate’n” – ONE

Why Meditation Been so healing for me:
Early in My life I became a police officer. I constantly had people watching me, evaluating me and often judging. I had constant interactions with all sorts of people often in heightened states of anxiety. feeling as though I rarely saw people’s true face for a decade was strange as I am a very sensitive empath. Even friends would out me as they introduced me to other people never having what I would call genuine relationships. I suspect this is why police officers are so tight, this illusion of us and them is created although very unhealthy skewed view of the world. This feeling of constantly being “ON” all the time and being responsible to be a “trained Observer” constantly using my senses to uncover peoples evil deeds or at least illegal deeds in the eyes of the law. Then there was the agenda of the politically motivated administration of the Department and the normal responsibilities of Life left me unprepared to deal with a dynamic and loud “Ego” or what I call “Monkey Mind” or “Small Self” who is always shouting and yapping in your ear. Full of complaining, fear, doubt and dread. The Ego believes I had suffered in your past, and very fearful of the future. Then a teacher taught me to quiet that monkey mind and go inward via meditation. For a year and a half, I met with this teacher every afternoon on a dock at the Audubon Center and meditated until I brought the ego mind and my higher Self into a healthy balance. Now I have learned through inward introspection my true nature as an eternal being having a temporary experience in this sock monkey suit I now occupy and will fall away eventually, but I will go on. the deeper insight still that came was that my consciousness is connected to everyone elses consciousness and we are all ONE. That what you do to another you do to yourself. That usually when you judge another, you are actually focused on the personality traits you despise in yourself on some level, that is why prejudice is simply a form of self hate or self Loathing. if you can see yourself as “Less Than” or not “worthy of” as many institutions in our society teaches, you can then certainly see others the same way. Less than, and unworthy of being treated like you. Therefore by taking the time to quiet the mind and meditating is healing for you and the world. So do everyone a favor, especially in these days… “Chill Out! & don’t be hate’n” love and Light, Namaste – ONE


“Intention is…. Everything” – ONE

After reading an article titled Human “Consciousness” Collapses The Quantum Wave Function In A Groundbreaking Study” I re-membered A book that discusses this subject was written in 1972 (Not only last century, but last millennium) by Michael Talbot “The Holographic Universe”. It discusses how the “Placebo effect” or Intention is the active ingredient in all healing and manifestation of our reality. That it is not the outdated needlessly expensive chemotherapy that cures the cancer, rather your belief that the chemo will cure the cancer. By the way when others join your intention it is energized by their intentions as well. This is Powerful. Many believe that the physical Drug causes the healing when we know that matter is full of empty space and wave forms actually make up most of the solids we call matter. Consciousness is the conductor of this quantum symphony. Consciousness will cure the cancer if you pray, meditate or visualize just as well as counting your blessings while counting the beads or a rosary or medicine bracelet. (these by the way do not put you and your families in the poor house) Study after study reveals this (for decades now) and is often frowned on by Academia who are often funded by companies that benefit from patented “treatments” which they are very careful never to call a cure. When ONE dis-covers that all healing is done by themselves (their own intention) ONE’s reaction is as Martin Luther King said… “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.” I currently practice my own healing with my intentions and have had results over and over again. Like all convoluted institutionalized systems such as law, banking and healthcare which allows complexities to hide malfeasance that benefits the few over the many, the convoluted healthcare system forced me to investigate alternatives, to look elsewhere for my health maintenance. My search led me to dis-covering that the answer is, and always was within myself.



You are a diamond in the eye of God just as you are. – ONE

In our commercial world, Knowledge and understanding of our existence is often controlled by gate keepers who’s motivation is profit. Often wrong information is passed out via carefully controlled teachers who themselves have been given wrong info, then bestowed a title of nobility who are then called “Experts” in order to standardize a world view that recognizes authority over your own inner knowing. All institutions are distractions from your truth which is quantum. That is to say that a thing can be, and not be all at the same time. there are a trillion truths and paths these are called personalities. Your inner education by your personal teacher (your higher future evolved self) is profound once you find it. Once found all other information that comes from without no longer satisfies. Once you discover unconditional Love for yourself and others, the universe allows you to see through the systems of control all around you. This understanding will only come when you don’t burn with anger over the audacity of ONE to control another. This idea of controlling others and imposed lack when there is abundance for all seems like evil, but is in fact deep ignorance. For in truth we are all ONE. What you do to another, you do to yourself. You are seeing this play out around us now as we see all the wrong people running all our institutions.These leaders are full of fear and disdain because they not only do not know who they are, they don’t know who YOU are. You are a diamond in the eye of God just as you are. How then can others see you as less. Ignorance. Darkness is ignorance. Light is knowledge, knowledge leads to the revelation that Love is all there is, and everything else is illusion. Love and Light. Namaste


What do we understand about the elements? whoever controls the elements, controls the world? – ONE

Especially the Aethers: Likely we know much about the Aethers in our dream state. Why do we forget? Why do we forget indeed? Did you know that when you go to the dentist, and you are “put under” you are actually “conscious” during the painful procedures? But that being put under removes the memories of the pain? How else could they get you to ever return to the dentist? So we know forced “Forgetting” is real. The question arises then, why is it so hard to remember what we did during the dream state? Is this forgetting induced?

Lets look at the way dark controllers attack the elements or subdue them or limits our unfettered exposure to them.
Fire: No longer do most of us cook our food with fire. We will have electric stoves or microwaves, removing us away from the flame. Interesting how we seem to be drawn to barbeques outdoors. We immediately put out forest fires that are a natural cleansing process needed by certain environments to stimulate growth. As children we are taught to demonize the flame, going so far to create the myth of the flames of a dark place called Hell. Chefs always seem to want to cook with real fire over electric heat. Interesting.

Water: our water has been under attack for centuries or longer. Forced institutionalized toxins introduced into our drinking supply. Pollution of our waterways by ignorant corporations and their low vibration leaders whose sole (soul) purpose is to make profits at the expense of all beings and the Earth herself. Water is now considered a commodity to be owned by corporate entities. Even stealing the rights to it in third world countries and sold back to the people at outrageous prices.

Earth: The illusion of ownership of plots of Earth. You can no more “Own” a piece of the Earth, anymore than a hair on your head or a cheek cell can own your body. These, like us and the Earth co-exist with ONE another while sharing ONE consciousness masked by our individuality or what we call our PERSON-ality. And yet our systems allow us to be controlled by the illusion that we can “legally ” own anything. Isn’t it interesting how the corporate you is so easily controlled by the system than the natural you, your PERSON-ality. I have been fortunate in my lifetime to be present as some have transitioned out of this world. They took everything they owned with them. In fact often they left this life the way they came into it. Naked with no belongings going with them to the next stage. No the controllers love to uphold the illusion of ownership of parts of the Earth, giving themselves permission to decide how these parcels are divided up with their convoluted illusory legal system of control. Now the controllers are wanting to divy up parcels on the Moon! Mineral rights on asteroids. In order to grant mineral rights you would need to own the Moon or the asteroids. What arrogance, what ignorance! This control allows them to re-energize themselves via Usery through the sacred cow, (or the golden goose) of the banking system who make the money they loan out of thin air, loaning 9 times more of it than they really have. The legal convoluted name for this practice is “Fractional Reserve Banking. Then they collect interest compunded into our children’s future. Often the dark ones (who are not evil, just ignorant to who they really are) will want to blow up, pollute and steal the Earth’s life blood, OIL for profits. This Oil intention is truly sad as free energy is available in abundance.

Air: Obviously air has been under attack for as long as we can remember. Then recently chem trails and electromagnetic pollution that appears to not only effect our air, but perhaps to the Aethers as well. As a species we have become shallow breathers leading to illness and dis-ease. Why are these elements under attack by the controllers? That is a good question. perhaps you can ask your inner man or woman. The ancients knew the healing power of the elements. Water and oxygen has incredible healing properties. Cancer cannot thrive an an oxygenated hydrated (with clean water) environment. the act of toroidal breathing creates a field of energy throughout our bodies as the forced air moves through increasingly smaller and smaller tubes of our bronchus fractally described in the Bible as the “Tree of Life” breath. It is believed this is the same process the pyramids used to create energy in ancient times, or at least harness the free energy from the Aethers. The breath is the only way you exist in this 3d time ruled reality. So how important are all of the elements? Well they must be pretty important for controllers to want to remove our understanding of their purpose and to limit our access to them in their purest form. But don’t believe me, ask your inner man of woman. Always, ask your inner man or woman, There is no greater authority than that. This article is inspired by my higher Self I call ONE to show me how all of this is connected. Love and Light, Namaste – ONE


on a lighter note! – ONE

A post I wrote in COBRA Etheric Liberation Facebook page:

Maybe this should be a regular article written by others here regularly. I will and others can to if it serves them. Titled “On a Lighter Note”


The world is a wonder isn’t it? I mean, many of us have learned that the wonder is that ANYTHING is possible here. My God we are truly creators of this reality where Thought becomes Form. I mean you just cannot make this stuff up can you? lol. Uh, I mean.. obviously we are, but…you know what I mean. Let us just examine this idea with a fractal subject of Pop culture, Sci-Fi movies books and comic books (one of my favorite subjects as I am a comic book collector and an illustrator and have been published in comic books.) When I was a kid, I read very basic 2-d comic books of archetypal characters and stories that as the years went by, the art got a little more 3-d until now Thor has gone from an ancient myth of an oral tradition, to literature, to comic books with basic 2-d illustrations with halftones and now he is seen in our world walking around flying around etc on movie screens all over the world Big as life! or should I say “Bigly as Life! 🙂 I mean Everyone laughed at Kirk’s communicator and Dick Tracy’s radio watch, and now here there are as every day occurrences as Apple watches and cell phones, Even the smart phones evolved from Spock’s Tri-corder. Yes? What Manifesting Wonders we are!

So I read this story about whistle blowers coming forward regarding Giants in stasis chambers underground wanting to sit out the last couple hundred years or so to be awakened at the time of earth’s and humanities ascension or what some call “The Event”, which I have heard and read about these sleeping giants before. Even as I write this I am realizing  there is a term encoded in our lexicon called “Sleeping Giants” here is the dictionaries definition:”ONE that has great but unrealized or newly emerging power” Merriam Webster dictionary. I just love the synchronicities found all up in that definition!

Now to be sure I don’t know if there ARE or there are NOT, and to be honest it costs me nothing to believe or disbelieve, so I just default to believe EVERYTHING! Applying it to my personal life is another story, in these cases I use discernment or how “I feel” about it. But the very thought of Giants among us is not that absurd is it? have you seen the NBA? I mean the historic records from the Bible to ancient texts to American Indian folklore all record such beings and much is being written about it even today. Even more than I am apparently aware of, and from some trusted sources who are friends such as Michael Tellinger. Then there is the story about the conspiracy to hide these Giants skeletal remains in the Smithsonian, all the way to a story about and ancient Egyptian like chamber on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Then the tales of ancient Giant race’s ruins found on other planets told by Corey Goode. The idea of these giants as big and tall and powerful as they are wanting to sleep through History makes me chuckle a bit, because truthfully? I am right there with them… LOL. As an eternal being who has been incarnated over and over again I understand the desire to sleep through the past centuries as silly and frustrating as they have been. LOL. As a Light Worker I can just as easily anchor Light and Love asleep can’t I? lol I am very sensitive to cosmic lyrics in modern music and these two songs came to mind stating this very thing, Aloe Blacc’s “Wake me up” here is a link to listen   https://youtu.be/M_o6axAseak?list=RDM_o6axAseak
and  John Mayer’s “Waiting on the world to change” here is a link to listen
https://youtu.be/oBIxScJ5rlY Just to name a couple.
No, My open mind led to my awakening and I AM not about to close it now, But can someone sign me up for one of those stasis chambers please! Sometimes I would just like to sit this ONE out. 🙂