Are Vampires real? “Bluh,Bluh… I vant to suck your…. Energy!” – ONE

As reports come out of a break throughs in science in which older people can have a transfusion of a younger persons blood to fight aging and disease. and the proliferation of “Trolls” on Face Book and the Internet (energy vampires) in general we might rethink our answer. I remember all the vampire movies growing up the earliest being Nosferatu, and then the Vampire craze a few years back that preceded the Zombie craze in pop culture. Later in life I had learned of the origin of Dracula in Transylvania of Vlad the Impaler. Recently in an interview with prince Charles of England he admitted to being of the blood line of O’l Vlad the Impaler. (not really a surprise is it?). And lets not forget everyone’s Fan Fav, Count Chocula.
so the Vampire archetype is pretty well established in our collective consciousness.

last night I watched an X-FILES rerun called “Grotesque” in which it seemed that the darkness manifested as a vampire type being that was said to be a part of all our nature. That we contain both the dark and the light. accepting that is wisdom and then we can consciously Choose the one that serves us best seemed to be the conclusion of both Mulder and Scully.

In truth I don’t spend much time pondering on the darker side of the EGO mind and its creative lower energy manifestations as it would seem the “EGO” can be the portal for those beings to enter your reality. Want more evil in the world? let your EGO go unchecked. I don’t have to convince you as we see the EGO driven people in the world who run our world and see the results all around us. Wars, greed, homelessness, hunger, artificial lack. No the full blown EGOcentric leaders lead the way often releasing the “Dogs of war” on the world. Their fear setting the tone. To a hammer EVERYTHING is a nail. War is the unenlightened one trick pony of most of these dim politicians and often the only trick in their bag their puppet masters supply them with. We expect these dim ones to be our leaders so much so now that we cannot even imagine enlightened leaders who likely do not wear business suits and do not spend their days hoarding billions more than they need or worked for and are always cautioning you about the next boogieman you should consent to spending the nations treasure on rather than infrastructure. No we will just never ever select a leader who sees the utter folly and failure of violence and war with no good outcomes in thousands of years.

So We can see that these people who have all the money can print more whenever they want. Their favorite thing to do is to gamble it in the stock market like some elite casino. They never lose however because they have actually created a new game for high rollers in which they hedge their bets against ever really loosing. using their creation, fractional reserve banking (Usury) and quantitative easing to ensure they will be constantly supplied fresh new monies to keep the greed machine turning.

So IF they have all the Money, and IF they can continue to print money out of thin air, and IF they can loan money they actually do not have and collect interest creating huge deficits, And IF they get to run the government and Tax the citizenry and see to it the wages stay low driving the citizenry to the bank to borrow more money, what is it they want? that’s a good question.

Now we have come full circle back to the Vampire subject this writing started with. The outcome of all of this unnecessary greed is “Misery” ahh, I can see you starting to realize. Not hard to imagine, as this is the repeated result again and again. Blue this time, misery. red next time, misery again and again and again. In fact it is hard to imagine people can still fall for the two party conflict, tired stale game anymore. Because we can see that the results are always missing trillions of our nations treasure in which no ONE is ever held accountable and maintains a constant state of war and conflict.

A couple of months ago an acquaintance of mine invited me to drive a couple of hours to his home to see his 3d printer. During my visit he pulled out a video tape of a national Mainstream media news story in which he had been interviewed. He went on to tell me how he created this concept called Phrogging in which a couple of grown women said they would go into peoples homes and live during the day while the homeowners were at work. Eat their food, drink their booze and would sometimes remain in the home while the occupants were asleep. The story went on to say how they did this over and over again. As I watched the video, I noticed the house these women videotaped themselves in was the house I was standing in. There were stats offered and stories of copycats and that it was becoming a national trend. In the end, the interview continued in which my host admitted it was all an elaborate hoax, all of it. He manufactured the whole thing and went to quite an expense and energy and resources of at least 4 to 5 people who added their life force to this hoax. I looked at my host who seemed to just have this very sated satisfied look on his face. He even went on to report during the interview that he had received hate mail and threats that turned out was not true either.

So if you believe there are no such thing as vampires, I will say “Okay. If you say so.” Energy vampires will go to a lot of trouble to get a rise out of you, to start arguments, frustration and doubt, all a very low frequency energy they have a taste for.

Human trafficking and slavery and slave wages are a potent source of suffering for these energy vampires. The elite have always collected the misery of debt slaves, prisoners to build their projects. Energy vampirism is made sweeter by including a bit of your consent and adding a pinch ignorant surrender. that is why torture was so prevelant in the “Dark Ages” why witches were burned to death by our betters, why corporate jails continue to get rich off of prison workers. Why Robber Barons had work houses for children they called orphanages and why we are seeing now the abuse of these orphaned children, murder and abuse of Indigenous children all but obliterating their cultural faiths.

Governments are in on the abuse as well and the most recent trend is forced insurances with unchecked costs on everything from your car, to your home to your health, that further drive you to debt slavery. Insurance companies are just another arm of the Banks. Your life energy is used and worthless illusory script or Monopoly money is given in return. The energy vampires continue to suck the blood of business every step of the way taxes being paid in businesses over and over again and again each step of manufacturing repeatedly pays taxes from raw materials, to processing, to manufacturing to shipping and on and on. And if you sell the thing you already paid taxes on, you must pay another tax again. These taxes are paid by everyone Except those who benefit the most. In fact our taxes pay for the infrastructure that they use to make the money they do not pay taxes on, such as highways and bridges and sports stadiums. In addition We pay for the training that they benefit from often going deep into dept to service them. They package this social agreement as the “American dream:” and all though it smells like a rancid fart, they spray pretty perfume on it and paint it all red white and blue with patriotic lipstick from a very bloated Uncle Sam pig. Energy vampires all.

Currently there are so many horrific tales coming out about people, let’s say in “High Places” revealing that what we have politely labeled as “human trafficking” includes some unbelievable acts committed by politicians and the blood lines, Kings and Queens as well as the wealthy and their minion, against children. Some movie stars and bankers are said to have reported the sexual abuse and eating of children to achieve health and longer life. Look up the term “Loosh”. The reports go on to say that this is a practice that has been around since ancient times and continues today in secret societies.

It is said that the human body secretes a chemical as it nears death that is abundant when that death is traumatic. It may bring new light into the reason for the death camps and the practice of ancient and modern torture brought back into the mainstream consciousness during both world wars Bush era where the American people tolerated torture, rendition and the killing of innocents, many children calling it a sanitized term such as “collateral damage”.We even tolerate the execution of prisoners who some are later proven innocent. Punishing our brothers and sisters with the same violence, the very thing we tell them they should not do.

A couple of interesting observations came to me I will share with you that perhaps these crimes against humanity has not only been right under our noses and in plain sight this whole time, by tales and stories that may be injected via mythology in our culture that we just accept blindly, giving it little thought. Stories as dear to us as Santa Claus also known as Saint Nicholas based on a saint Nicholas the patron saint of children.This Santa who works in seclusion in the North Pole with little elves (children?) as slaves? Then this Santa flies around the world breaking into children’s homes in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep, sneaking down their chimneys to entice kids with treats and gifts? We know that things from kittens, to candy to toys and gifts have been used by predators in the past. Can you say…. “Creepy?”

A couple of years ago the album Leave your sleep came out and I just love it. The album is by Natalie Merchant whom I so admire as an artist. The whole album is based on some poems written in the 1800s and older perhaps. One song in particular is called “The Sleepy Giant” and the lyrics are a poem written by Charles E. Carryl who was a of all things a very successful stock broker who sat on the board of the New York Stock Exchange for 34 years starting in 1874? Not surprising is it? The poem “The Sleepy Giant” is about a giant who feels remorse for eating children? Hello? who is this 372 year old giant? Is the giants longevity credited to his intake of children and now this giant is now in an innocent slumber? Stasis perhaps?

The Sleepy Giant : Charles E. Carryl

“My age is three hundred and seventy-two,
And I think, with the deepest regret,
How I used to pick up and voraciously chew
The dear little boys whom I met.

I’ve eaten them raw, in their holiday suits;
I’ve eaten them curried with rice;
I’ve eaten them baked, in their jackets and boots,
And found them exceedingly nice.

But now that my jaws are too weak for such fare,
I think it exceedingly rude
To do such a thing, when I’m quite well aware
Little boys do not like to be chewed.

And so I contentedly live upon eels,
And try to do nothing amiss.
And I pass all the time I can spare from my meals
In innocent slumber like this.”

While at Winchester cathedral The tour guide spoke of a carving in the church on a stone “Font” that depicted a local butcher who carved up children and put them in his pies. this depiction just feet away from the grave of the author Jane Austen in a church no less. The carvings go on to depict what happens when you do not offer your best treasure to religious nobility. a cautionary tale/threat.

Now we just accept pedophile priests being given lenience in the catholic church, often swept under the rug. Still don’t believe in (energy) vampires? Hmm

So as we see intel from secret “Deep throat” like whistle blowers, prophesies after prophesies and channelings from “Those in the Know” from aliens , prognosticators to angels to people in shadows who insist they are here to help and that any day now, “Wait for it” we are going to be free at Last, we have to learn to anchor our light, None the less to hold our truth and be willing to turn away from a deeply held conviction that has cemented into our psyche for years and decades. To Love no matter what as it is the most powerful force for change and to move on when the time is right from hard held beliefs and dogma. And remember that the most reliable info comes from within. Namaste.


A lot of words for a very SIMPLE Truth. This is huge! – ONE

Many often ask a couple of pretty big questions such as WHY? and who “THEY” are. Using this explanation answers all of our existential question we come into this reality with at birth. Unless it doesn’t!

Lately I have come to appreciate and revel in simplicity . I recently purchased an inexpensive 1 speed coaster Fat Bike for less than $200 off of Amazon. The simplicity of this machine that moves me a bit faster than if I were just walking has proven to be quite satisfying. When I tell others about it often those “serious” bicycle riders start to make fun because they spend thousands on aluminum alloy bikes with this kind of shifter and that kind of tire and so on always working to break some record. In reality there are no records as all records are fleeting ever changing. IF the goal is to break a record of speed. You can probably buy a used motorcycle for the same money you paid for that expensive bike  “Voila!” It appears that the Bicycling community is quite a tribe with their tribal core values and even their own attire that from what I have seen is a bit garish and tight for my taste. But to each their own. I will continue to ride my cheap fat Bike and wear whatever I like to wear doing it. It makes me Happy! Now my cavalier attitude will likely anger some true believers as it often does when challenging beliefs and norms.

This leads me to an observation about the nature of my reality. A simple observation from my own point of view. I will speak that point of view out with it’s vibrations/waves leaving my center and becoming manifest in my reality with the intention of creating the world I desire to create rather than ONE that does not represent my values or choices. We all do this with all choices being relevant and all appropriate to what serves us in the macro (humanity) and in the micro (personally) at any given moment.

Since God (Source, Universe, whatever name you want to use) created every possible outcome She judges none of our choices. God assumes all of our choices will be based on what serves us at that moment, for GOD knows that we are constantly evolving and changing our mind about what works and what doesn’t work at any given moment. In fact THIS very message has been brought down through the ages by many teachers over many generations all sons and daughters of God. These messages have never NOT been given for those with eyes to see and the ears to hear. Often these messages will differ from what spirit (You future Higher evolved self) tells you than what books based on ancient experiences of other will tell you. When God zigs, you gotta know when to zig, and when God zags, well you gotta know when to zag unless you choose to reain in a loop of non growth,non expansion.

Often the tribes that CHOOSE the opposite of OUR choices will be the ONE’s to judge us. There is no judgment from the author of all the possible choices. Makes sense yes? God experiences with no judgment. Man (in the illusion) turns his experiences into judgments of others who are vibrating at a different frequency often condemning.

Tribes or religions, or institutions who hold a different world view will often judge others even creating laws or commandments to control others to indoctrinate others into their frequency without respecting the path (frequency) of others. this is the deepest ignorance.

The only real commandments in God’s eye is the Laws of Nature which differ heavily from the laws of men which are the opposite of simple. complex. Often these rules, dogma, these sacred texts that never recognizes that God is constantly evolving his choices to send messages to humanity. This is hard for most to hear even calling ONE who brings such a message forward a heretic. The only heresy is to stop expanding, to stop growing. To prefer messages from ancient books based on others experience rather than trusting your own interactions with Spirit (your future higher evolved Self). This is called Blaspheming the Holy Spirit in the christian bible. And yet, many practice this very thing. Which is OK if you choose to stop growing or expanding. Again, God has no judgment in this regard. Perhaps taking a rest for a life or two.  These “rules” are attributed to God but are actually mechanisms of control by single minded lower frequency beings caught up in their own dramas (illusions). And as you know, Misery LOVES company. I will say it again, Trying to control anothers choices is darkness, while honoring others choices is Light also called “Enlightened”. But there is NO judgment.

In 3d all mass is made up of atoms. Everything from you and me, a tree, a rock lets say, all mass is made up of a very small nucleus with a number of electrons circling at a very wide distance from the nucleus. The Number  of electrons determine what so called structures or elements are being made. This is found in the song by Kansas when they sing “Dust in the wind”. Or when the Highway Men with Johnny Cash sings…

“I fly a starship across the Universe divide
And when I reach the other side
I’ll find a place to rest my spirit if I can
Perhaps I may become a highwayman again
Or I may simply be a single drop of rain
But I will remain
And I’ll be back again, and again and again and again and again.”

So these atoms are made up of much less mass and much more space between the electrons and the nucleus which is energy within the spectrum of sound and light that we can sense, and spectrum that we cannot sense. other dimensions.

This energy amplifies/vibrates from it’s core at different frequencies. These frequencies are personalities, or say the nature of certain sets of atoms and what they choose to be. These frequencies, this energy is consciousness also called LOVE. In truth there is but ONE consciousness( The author of all thought forms) that vibrate at different frequencies resulting in the states of being of all in this 3-d realm. One thinker, but many thoughts.

There are many frequencies (thought forms expressed) from the lower frequencies of hate, greed, corruption, violence, jealousy, indifference, controlling of others. war making and you know many more i’m sure. The higher frequencies are all subsets of the highest frequency LOVE.

LOVE is the most potent and simplest form of GOD. Some other states of being that are very high frequency are Joy, gratitude, bliss, creativity, forgiveness and on and on with many more coming to your mind.

I tell you the truth, To have any of the Highest frequencies they cannot be observed without the sacrifice of the lower frequencies that creates the foundation for the higher. That is to say you cannot know the good, without the bad, the sweet without the sour as symbolized in the very simple sign of the Yin Yang. In the Yin Yang symbol both tear drop shapes make up the whole forever moving and rotating which in the end is a never ending sphere. no beginning and no end, ever circling each other in a never ending dance of wholeness, not two parts separate from the whole(ONE). This separation is in fact, Duality. Duality is an illusion amplified by identifying as a half of the whole, male/female or Us and Them. ONE can even get lost in the illusion that you are ONE of a million moving parts, separate from all others much like a drop of water that thinks it is separate from the sea.

Most of our current dysfunction is from choosing this duality, what COBRA calls “Primary Anomaly”. from not realizing that there is but ONE consciousness that inhabits all things, every cell, every particle, every atom. That what you do to another you ARE doing to yourself. (The Golden Rule) That all children ARE your children and when ONE suffers we ALL Suffer. When ONE is lifted up, we ALL are lifted up. That unless a thing works for all, then it works Not at all.

Those who dwell in the illusion choose ignorance, and currently most who step up to lead us today are certainly not aware of who they are much less who the rest of us are. ONE

ONE will recognize these lower frequency often described as “dark ones” as they create complicated convoluted systems of control. Convolution hides Malfeasance, that is to say that the more complicated a system, the more complicated the truth, the more complicated the institution, the  farthest away from the Simplicity of the laws of nature, from the frequency of Love.

This beautiful knowing that we all are ONE is called ascension, this cosmic evolution is called Life. This life at it’s very core, the fabric of all things (so far as I know at this time) is called LOVE. Namaste. – ONE


“Unconditional LOVE is a 5th dimension energy field. An increase in energetic vibration frequency. Some call Ascension or evolution” – ONE

The intention in this article is that it be a tool to assist the reader into  awakening into their true nature of LOVE, if they choose it. This is ONE path and there are many others taking many forms of your Truth, for everyone’s TRUTH is TRUE for THEM. This truth is known to us as “Choice”.That is to say that what you believe (Be-Live) creates your reality in metaphor. Once understood that a thing can be and not be all at the same time, the universe opens wide open and clear communication is not only possible, but probable with your future Higher self. The Future Higher Self is what the American Indians or indigenous peoples call their “Ancestors”. What Christians call the “Holy Spirit”. And what I have come to call “ONE”.

These words are a shortcut but also a call to action. This action is your inner work. Quieting your mind/brain and integrating your Ego with your future higher Self (spirit)  will result in removing the veil of amnesia induced ignorance. That you and everyone else are all in fact ONE.

Ignorance has convinced us that we all are are competing for limited resources which is a lie of control. Abundance is the true state of Mother Earth (Gaia) and much wealth is spent to maintain the Illusion of Lack. Soon this illusion will disappear and Abundance will be common place when you or we collectively choose it.

In our reality, especially these days, many feel the effects of duality and separation. This is illusion because in fact we are all ONE. The same consciousness dwells behind the Eyes of all beings, which includes animals, plants, water, crystals, minerals, your car, your home, every particle. In this 3d realm (the realm of our limited 5 senses) at this very low vibratory frequency we call mass, in the astral realm and the aetheric realm and the other dimensions we know very little about.

The universe sends messages and models unconditional Love in acts of creativity such stories as Books, Art, Movies, Dance, Poetry, Music and on and on. This is why the Arts are always under attack by what we call the Dark ONE’s who’s frequency is so far away from that of LOVE, Joy, Beauty, Gratitude, Bliss and acts of creativity which are all subsets of LOVE.

You will notice that often violent attacks take place at arts performances like the most recent mass shooting in Los Vegas. In France over cartoons, terrorist attacks at markets connected to the culinary arts. This is because the Controllers understand that there is a spiritual battle of energetic frequencies being choreographed, and that when humanity is “Up Lifted” by the arts, or increased their frequency by the arts, ignorant control is diminished.That our “struggles are not against Flesh and blood (Illusion) but against principalities and spirits of the air” in the higher dimensional realms.

For the most part, we as Humans are not yet capable to offer Love the way we see it modeled through the arts. On rare occasions some do. A mother for a child, a soul mate or a twin flame. When ONE sacrifices themselves for another such as running into a burning building for a child or jumping on a grenade to save their buddies. These are examples of what Jesus said when He said “Greater Love has no ONE than his…. that ONE lays down their Life for a friend.” A glimpse of a LOVE that is possible but rare. As modeled by Jesus and many others. This was a clue to me when I was troubled when I noticed that people in movies and some TV shows seemed more real to me than members of my own family or friends or co workers.

When ONE’s frequency is not yet high enough, they may feel unloved and separated not realizing that the very nature of love is that it is most potent coming FROM you, and will never feel as powerful coming TO you. Unconditional LOVE for all is an opportunity to experience the most powerful force in the Universe. Whitney Houston channeled this very message in her song “The greatest Love of all.”
“MMMM the FORCE is strong with this ONE!” says master Yoda in the Star wars Movies.

Jesus (and many others) were messengers that modeled unconditional LOVE and showed us how it could be once we accept ourselves and others as perfect just as we are.  A world without war, without hunger, without want, violence, lack, a world without the illusion of duality and separateness are available to us once we choose it.


The average human is incapable (yet) of Unconditional Love at these lower vibratory frequencies resulting in centuries and centuries of otrocities, violence, killing, oppression and spilled blood on the ground of our Mother Earth. We suffer from amnesia having forgotten that what you do to another, you literally do to yourself, your family, your children and your friends and neighbors. This forgetting has been labeled as “Evil” and appears to be the effect of “Evil” but is in fact a simple ignorance of our true nature that is LOVE.


The controllers of very low frequency institutionalize the opposite of unconditional LOVE through the illusion of fear, lack, competition, wealth, finance, greed , borders, politics and war, laws, taxes and control of others through institutions and gate keeping, including  religions that convince you that you are flawed in every way. such as in the song, “amazing Grace, that saved a wretch like me

God (the ALL that IS)  does not see herself in you as flawed or as a wretch. That is a concept that man (controllers) has put on God. God did not put it on man.

Once you are convinced that you are flawed in some way, you can then see others as less than, and flawed. There is no judgement by God. “All judgement is SELF judgement” and that is the most damning judgement of all. This is where the concept of “The Accuser of the brethren himself” comes from, Satan (Ego) in ignorance of even His true nature (which is LOVE) constantly points the finger as the accuser himself and is full of self loathing and complaining and doubt.

Another institution is the illusory “Isms” people accept so blindly as some sort of supreme authority. These “Isms” such as capitalism, communism, socialism and nationalism that put their dogma ahead of people, flourish through ignorance and our consent. Letting others tell you what to believe leads to unconditional acceptance of tribalism and honestly is a lazy persons way to live. Ignoring ONE’s own inner voice and development of ONE’s discernment muscles.


Most institutions, which by their very nature take a loving “First Thought” then is corrupted by controllers who are drawn to the high energy. The controllers then come to value the institution first over the reason the institution was created in the first place.

Controllers indoctrinate us by setting up celebrities with letters after their names as “Titles of nobility” so that you will think they are experts. These experts often with “think tanks” read books written by other members of the controlling class that have been embedded as truth into the institution and is often never questioned. Once they are accepted, they then write books about what others have written rather than their own personal insights and experiences never taking into account that we are in a constant state of evolution we have labeled mistakenly as time.

They often use dark (low frequency) indoctrination techniques that include trauma based influence what is called brainwashing which begins at a very young age. Competitive sports are one of the earliest indoctrination techniques.

Some examples of these indoctrination techniques is as I said, Competitive sports, boot camp in the military, fraternities and sororities who haze, Medical training for doctors who are in their residency stage in which they are often over worked with very little sleep. Sleep deprivation is a common mind control indoctrination technique.

Other trauma based indoctrination is the constant Violence in TV, Movies, books, Comic books, video games and Music that has infiltrated everyone’s home. The constant presence of reminders of man’s inhumanity to man through war re-enactments both real and on film. Indoctrination’s goal is to form your consent. The prime directive of the universe is every beings “sovereign consent”. In the end, We must agree.

Our Holidays or “Holy-days” use trauma based indoctrination to create the illusion of duality separation and maintain a war status full time. Death sacrifices (Sacred-fice =  Fice: is a mongrel dog, one who is less than, unimportant, not of Pure blood) are a very low separation frequency, because if you can sacrifice another by killing them. you obviously do not see them in you, That we are all ONE.

Here are a list of some of our major holidays that include a death sacrifice indicating that which they sacrifice is “Less than or wretched”

Christmas: killing a tree, killing a hog, turkey or duck.

Thanksgiving: Killing a hog or a turkey or duck.

Easter: killing the inextinguishable High expression of LOVE we call Christ that is in all of us. Religious institutions often led by Egocentric leaders urge you to wait for Christ’s return,  always pushing out the dis-covering of the Love within each of us all the time. To keep us forever waiting for heaven to come rather than activating it right now. The Christ never left, couldn’t leave anymore than you could remove atoms from mass. but dwells in all of us, always has, always will.
Memorial day: celebrating war and death. Then the constant presence of Bombs. Bombs in all Holy-days as fire works, Bombs bursting in air in our national anthem. the constant use of fireworks by corporations such as theme parks to get you indoctrinated to being in a perpetual state of war. This is indoctrination most sinister based on fear and ignorance. Once you know that you are ONE with all beings, who could you fight or Kill? Who could you deny food, shelter or water to?

Labor day: The death of the summer season driving forward the illusion of time. then and now, Us and Them. Duality or what COBRA of the resistance calls the “Primary Anomaly” the cosmic experiment to see how far we could dis- stance ourselves from Source (Love) and still BE. More importantly would we return (ascend) after we dwell in ignorance for so long.

As we continue the practice of integrating/balancing the Ego what I call the Small Self with our future Higher self communication becomes easier.


 The ignorant dark ONE’s who do not realize they are in Fact LOVE, tell us that we need to read books as well as take the word of so called “experts” with titles of nobility. (such as medical doctors) rather than access the Akashic record, or the Universe’s Library to find knowledge and truth within yourself. The hair on your head acting as an antenna for the pineal gland that is your cosmic WIFI. As encoded in the Story of Samson and Delilah. Samson’s great strength came from his connection to God, His long hair acting as antenna for the Pineal gland in the brain, which gave him and us a direct line.

As I have written before. The brain (The seat of the EGO) is the on board computer of the body, much like the computer module of your car. This computer module thinks it runs the world (Ego) It regulates oil pressure of the engine, the electrical systems, Fuel mixture, it tells the RPMs of the engine, if your tires are properly inflated. it is truly The master of it’s realm. Or is it?

This module does not know that there is ONE who designed the car, ONE who drives the car, That there are roads the car drives on, A radio that communicates from distant lands. The Computer module in your car does not know that there are laws that govern the driving of the car on these roads, That there are warranties on the car that cover the computer module, that there are Police (principalities) that take authority over the roads. Tolls for some roads, That there are about 17 taxes that must be paid for the car to legal. The computer module who believes it is the master of all it surveys does not know where the gas comes from that it needs to work. Humans who do not see everyone as themselves suffer this de-lusion as well. This is the definition of the word “lusion” by the Urban dictionary:

   “The midpoint point between illusion and delusion that is the most clear representation of our reality on this earth. It refers to self governance as the meaning in our lives, free from the power games of societies which are the illusion and free from the control of external forces over our material being. This is the state of peace and clarity of mind.

By observing the reality outside of my self and understanding the nature of the greatest depths inside of my self, I have now reached a state of lusion that will enable me to work toward freedom from both.”

The Ego mind or what I call the Small Self believes that all should bow down and worship it. Like the computer module in the car, The Ego does not know it is a function of this limited 3d realm. Limited by 5 senses. The Ego has forgotten that it is but a character in a play. It cannot Re-Member that it is NOT separate from all, what I call ONE. This is well illustrated in the movie “Last days in the desert” with Ewin McGregor who plays both Jesus and Satan

In Mathew 8: of the Bible of the story of when Jesus was on the high mountain to look at the kingdom below. Satan told Jesus that if he would bow down and worship im (Ego) that the 3d realm of illusion would be all his. Jesus (Our future higher self) knows this realm is an amnesia induced illusion.

Then again in Mark 8: of the Bible is the exchange between Jesus and the demon called “Legion”. Jesus cast the demon called “Legion” into the pigs, who stated “We are called legion for we are many.” Once revealed that you are Love as re-presented by Jesus the Ego is shown for what they are a legion of Egos.

Those who play video games understand that to play in the mode they call “God mode” in which ONE has unlimited lives and weapons can soon become very dull and un-challenging. the Unknown is the challenge, what is the unknown around the next corner, on the next level? this is what gives experience meaning.

The game is least fun for the programmer that created the game as creator he knows all the levels, all the tricks and nuances. perhaps the programmer creates a program designed to shuffle the variables, to add some random potentials the programmer cannot know. So then an eternal life can be full of unexpected new experiences with surprises and new evolutionary opportunities. We people, the “legions ” of Ego shards created from God’s own essence keep the randomness going as we are the programs the programmer made to create new potentials  and new experiences ever expanding out in the fractal universe as described by what science calls the “Big Bang”.

As Neale Donald Walsch writes in “Conversations with God” All is well, that the Outcome is assured. All is well that ends well. All of this is what I understand on this leg of my journey and I offer to you for your consideration.  I send you beautiful healing intentions, and unconditional Love and Light. Namaste





Is the Matryoshka nesting doll a message? – ONE

Acknowledging ONE’s creativity is acknowledging our true fractal nature. (as above so below). That we are much more than what the five senses perceive.
Indeed, messages that come through creative acts (Art, Music, literature, dance, poetry, knitting, cooking, carving Matryoshka dolls on and on) can be found everywhere and remind us of our multi-dimensionality.
These massages are often expanded on like a Matryoshka doll, that as opened a treasure is found again and again.That taking a moment to look deeply rather than a casual superficial observation, will allow yourself to peel back the layers like an onion, You will find the interconnectedness (ONE) of all things.
These messages are coming to you from your future Higher Self who cannot help but have compassion for you as you suffer the illusion of lack, or pain, or love loss. Through your quietude (meditation) you can experience the most loving, healing embrace of your future Higher self (what some call angels or spirit guides) and experience true love that can only come from within. For in our 3-d reality The most potent LOVE comes FROM you, not TO you. These are the conditions/limitations of this lower conscious realm.
All pain is illusory.creatives vibrate at a very high frequency, where Love, Joy, gratitude, and creativity dwells. Those who create war, the illusion of lack, who take authority over you are a very low vibration or frequency. Full of fear, ever naming, ever quantifying, full of self hate and dread. This is the frequency of ignorance. This is the frequency of those who don’t know who they really are, and certainly don’t know who you are. We are literally all ONE repeated again and again with “person-ality”.
Interesting that the word matryoshka sounds similar to Maitreya. is derived from the Sanskrit word maitrī “loving-kindness”. To understand the lesson of the matryoshkas is the most loving and kind thing you can do for yourself and others.
According to Buddhist tradition, Maitreya is a bodhisattva who will appear on Earth in the future, achieve complete enlightenment, and teach the pure dharma.
The prophecy of the arrival of Maitreya refers to a time in the future when the dharma will have been forgotten by most on the terrestrial world.
Is it any wonder then that the ignorant controllers have done everything they can to stop the arts? to hinder creativity that awakens the people to their true nature? To take the arts out of our schools to be replaced by corporate indoctrination.
The unending practice of seeking more and more money is a desire that can never satisfy, never be fulfilled.
Is it any wonder then, the state of the world as we only allow millionaires and billionaires to guide our paths? is it any wonder that the money obsessed people don’t ever GET us creatives?
When Jesus was asked by the Rich man, “What must I do to get into heaven, Jesus replied go and sell all you have and give to the poor, then follow me”. For in truth, heaven is a state of mind and not a place. Heaven is the recognition that you are LOVE and all else is illusion.
As we awaken to the clear evidence that lack is manufactured byignorant controllers, that abundance is all around, and much of our governments around the worlds resources are used to halt abundance. We will manifest the world we all dream of, and halt the nightmares of the ignorant which will be healing and compassionate to them and us. – ONE

Being mindful as the storm approaches – ONE

As people are beginning or finishing to batten up the hatches for the coming storm, (being ever mindful not to say the “H” word) I continue to set my intention on the micro (My home) as well as the Macro (The rest of the state and country for that matter as all of it is connected.) I set my intention through the very powerful practice of meditation/prayer for the storm to turn or weaken so no one is hurt. there are thousands, perhaps millions doing the same. We are not powerless victims in this life, everything is a choice on some level.
Ever notice and hear people speak about how odd it is that a house gets blown away, but skips the one right next to or across from it? is is possible that your level of fear or anxiety is a negative manifesting tool calling in the very thing you give your energy to? Like the study that shows people afraid of sharks are sending out an energy that the sharks actually sense, thinking that will lead them to food, not people. The Mainstream media owned by the controllers know this, not all but some who always want you to notice the worst in the world. Keeping your peace and serenity is an even more powerful manifesting tool as it is a higher more potent frequency that is a by product of Love.

As there are powerful energies coming into the planet activating our DNA programming for an evolutionary jump up in consciousness, much clearing is going on, many of you feel it. Emotions are high, aches and pains, stomach problems as there are some foods you can no longer Tolerate, and some foods you now crave, such as water for me. Many cannot understand why they are so angry as they do not realize that as the veil is lifted of the matrix of control, you now see through all the controls and it no longer serves you to comply.

Some spiritual teachers are saying that the hurricanes, the floods, the Earthquakes and fires are a result of cabal technology. I have seen the research, I have little doubt about it, Then some spiritual teachers will say that these extreme weather conditions are simply evidence of the Earth and Humanity clearing out the trash to prepare Us all and the Earth to ascend to it’s next level of consciousness. (foretold as the age of Aquarius) understanding that all truths are real, we understand that a thing can be, and not be at the same time. Science shows us this is true. When we accept this in our reality the universe blows wide open an all access is granted you.

We are all clearing out the garbage from our lives, ourselves and everyone else to for this lifetime and past life times. Our Mother Earth (Gaia) is doing the same for as you know there has been much blood spilled on the ground throughout the ages. Holding your highest best intention is powerful, remaining calm is a choice. Once understood you will know why I continue to spend my time in the practice of mindfulness and meditation/prayer. BE safe all sending you all Love and Light. Namaste -ONE


Is HGTV a reality? or a “reality TV show?

As HGTV has made it trendy to showcase over priced homes around the country, I have come to believe the whole HGTV phenomenon is a tactic to drive up home prices for the “investor class” and to get the sheeple accustomed to paying ridiculously high prices (not to mention years of debilitating interest debt to banks).

These homes are often little more that oversized matchstick houses with toxic drywall. As we see the images come in from the devastation in Texas, it begins to sink in that the sheer scope of the damage done to these artificially inflated matchstick homes sheds light on how vulnerable home owners are who fell for these over priced homes, and the amount of money it will take to replace or repair them.

We are now as we speak face to face with the 800 lb gorilla in the storm. How do we respond to such tragedies when our government continues to spend (and lose) trillions in their constant state of war. With whatever is left goes out the back door of the treasury to their friends and family.

Like it or not, we are in a time where more concern is placed on banks and hedge funds and the corporate welfare system than on individuals. Make no mistake, it will take individuals to wake up and withdraw their compliance, to remove the shackles of their own debt slavery. This step is a small but powerful first step. To open your eyes and see through the systems of control that relies and exists on our cooperation.

Have you noticed that if you want to build a huge gaudy mansion anywhere, Somehow it will always be within code, But if you choose to innovate and build a small affordable, sustainable home, you will run into obstacles and government road blocks. This MUST and Will be addressed as more and more of us realize that the suits we have put all our confidence in cannot lead us where we want to go. That the dull indoctrinated “leadership” class only ensures more of the same, the sam o’l, same o’l.These entitled leaders, whether blue or red are remnants of the past, 20th century tactics and policies do not work in the 21st century. Back you old Dinosaurs of ignorance, Back I say, sit down and shut up, because many of us know you are a professional talker, and you never DO what you SAY you are going to do.

As news of yet another UBER CEO comes out, I read up on UBER. As best as I can tell, this is yet another corporation that makes money on the backs of those who do the work, and take the risks. Then the customers often subsidize the business much like the Pizza delivery industry who makes huge profits on their employers life force, their car and their risk. In fact, the current storm situation highlights the financial risks the people endure so that corporations can make more money than they need and more than they deserve or work for.

Low wages is the second profitable war front of the Banks against the sheeple. Poverty is imposed and is their secret weapon against all the things we want our culture to be.

It is easy to see that more money is spent to continue the illusion of lack, than would be spent to release abundance.

Our freedoms are attacked as they attempt to control, and hide free abundant energy tech and other healthcare tech from us and more. Change is on the horizon and this change, “The better Angels of our nature” are just waiting for us all to just say “NO MORE” to quit giving our consent. To quit blaming our children for why we are too cowardly to stand up, for in the end, all children are at risk when we do nothing. For in truth, what you do to another, you do to your child, and yourself. “NO” is a powerful effective word. try it… say “NO!”, that’s it, “NO!”

keep practicing… “NO!”. Then while you are saying your “NO’s” remember to hold the high energy of compassion and that is a volatile powerful energetic concoction of positive change. Namaste  -ONE


“Chill Out! & don’t be hate’n” – ONE

Why Meditation Been so healing for me:
Early in My life I became a police officer. I constantly had people watching me, evaluating me and often judging. I had constant interactions with all sorts of people often in heightened states of anxiety. feeling as though I rarely saw people’s true face for a decade was strange as I am a very sensitive empath. Even friends would out me as they introduced me to other people never having what I would call genuine relationships. I suspect this is why police officers are so tight, this illusion of us and them is created although very unhealthy skewed view of the world. This feeling of constantly being “ON” all the time and being responsible to be a “trained Observer” constantly using my senses to uncover peoples evil deeds or at least illegal deeds in the eyes of the law. Then there was the agenda of the politically motivated administration of the Department and the normal responsibilities of Life left me unprepared to deal with a dynamic and loud “Ego” or what I call “Monkey Mind” or “Small Self” who is always shouting and yapping in your ear. Full of complaining, fear, doubt and dread. The Ego believes I had suffered in your past, and very fearful of the future. Then a teacher taught me to quiet that monkey mind and go inward via meditation. For a year and a half, I met with this teacher every afternoon on a dock at the Audubon Center and meditated until I brought the ego mind and my higher Self into a healthy balance. Now I have learned through inward introspection my true nature as an eternal being having a temporary experience in this sock monkey suit I now occupy and will fall away eventually, but I will go on. the deeper insight still that came was that my consciousness is connected to everyone elses consciousness and we are all ONE. That what you do to another you do to yourself. That usually when you judge another, you are actually focused on the personality traits you despise in yourself on some level, that is why prejudice is simply a form of self hate or self Loathing. if you can see yourself as “Less Than” or not “worthy of” as many institutions in our society teaches, you can then certainly see others the same way. Less than, and unworthy of being treated like you. Therefore by taking the time to quiet the mind and meditating is healing for you and the world. So do everyone a favor, especially in these days… “Chill Out! & don’t be hate’n” love and Light, Namaste – ONE