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Hello world!

I decided to write this blog out of a deep need, to have a record of my journey. it is my hope that anyone from the future or from another part of the universe  will see that we were not all blind to the needless self destruction that “most” of the human race has been engaged in. I seem to have ideas and solutions to our problems that very few seem to have or at least I rarely see them discussed in media or books or conversations. In this way I am an “Outsider” and have always felt this way. This Outsider status paints all of my experiences throughout my life and I believe gives me a unique view of my world. This blog will be the place to get my thoughts out there in the world, and out of my head.

“Time is the new currency”

Every day it is more apparent that money has very little real value. Money is infinite, That is…we can print more and more money if we want. “Time” for humans today is finite. Despite the old saying, We do not actually have all the “time in the world”. Having said that, it is not lost on me what it means that you the reader would spend your valuable time reading my posts, and I thank you for that. I decided to quit using Facebook as a blog as that probably was not the proper venue for speaking out the way I do. I have tried to sensor myself, but find it impossible as I am outraged and in Awe every moment of the day.

I believe that we are suffering from arrested development, and have actually stalled the progress that would lead us to an enlightened society.  I get frustrated with people who just don’t get it, and have observed that these folks are usually the ones that decide they will be our leaders. I believe that we have outgrown the current monetary system that is antiquated, outdated, useless and counter productive. I believe that we are suffering the pains of the death of a system who’s end is long overdue. Many people are so invested in this “Rat Race” that they cannot even imagine another way and they say that mankind will always be greedy. I don’t believe that at all and am certain that we are on the verge of a new enlightened age, if we let it happen. Which will it be… The red pill or the blue pill?  Quote from the movie “The Matrix””You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”  this is a link to the documentary that will explain how futile it is to continue in the way we have been going. watch this and contact me to discuss.