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Giving Thanks

A tough week that ended in Thanksgiving… Tough weeks are a given these days, I have to really fight to pull the “meat” out of each day with the condition the world is in. but taking the time to give thanks for what you have demands reflection and serious introspection for sure. No really… I think if you really want to give thanks in a true and meaningful way you must take that scary journey into the deepest part of your soul to come out on the other side with true insights into just how blessed you really are. For some strange reason I can come to these realizations when I drive or walk around Lake Wales lake and I see the many large grey Sandhill Cranes that roam and fly around our city, their croaky screams usually make me jump a little as they sneak up and fly over  head. Every time I see them I get a smile on my face no matter what is going on in my life. It feels like a privilege  to even be in the presence of these graceful, majestic  birds. I am better for seeing them each and every time I see them. It is at these moments that  I realize most of our true treasure is in the little things, moments, events. The moments we take for granted or let slip away sometimes without even noticing their significance or importance. There is a cosmic battle going on each and every day for the souls of man, it rips and tears through us all, but today I give thanks. No boat rocking today, just Thanks.