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Isn’t it interesting?

 Isnt it interesting that the pineal gland is made up of the same material as the eyeball yet without a cornea? (third eye) isn’t it interesting that the pineal gland is full of water and acts as a resonance chamber? Isn’t it interesting that fluoride in our water calcifies the pineal gland? Isn’t it interesting that the pineal gland looks like a pine cone? isn’t it interesting the hidden symbology of the pine cone in the Catholic Church? isn’t it interesting that a pine cone bronze statue holds a place of prominence in the Vatican? isn’t it interesting that the psychics known as the “Vril society” had very long hair believing that this hair acted as an antenna for the pineal gland our connection to the higher realms? isn’t it interesting that they cut soldiers hair off that go into battle to kill their fellow-man? isn’t it interesting that when these soldiers return home and leave the military they often let their hair grow back and many suffer PTSD. Isn’t it interesting how “long-haired Hippies” ended the Vietnam war in the 60’s and changed the world? isn’t it interesting how women, who generally have longer hair than men tend to be more compassionate and nurturing? isn’t it interesting that the Bible tells how Samson’s strength came from his long hair? Isn’t it interesting that this Long haired Samson is an archetype for one whose strength is his connection to God? Isn’t it interesting how all things are being revealed in the light? Isn’t it interesting?

“The answer to every question is LOVE. If LOVE is not in it, it is not the answer.”