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Connecting the dots… Archangel Michael & Keshe

“There has been a whole new universe about three inches above your head the entire time, so raise yourself up and behold it.” – Archangel Michael.

The info in these articles sheds some light on the Keshe Plasma energy revelations for me. It would appear according to the Archangel Michael revelation (see link to incredible article below) that we are, rather our bodies (Vessels?) are the highly advanced starships Keshe discusses in this video. Does the Keshe video indicate that his Plasma reactor was the bell craft the nazi’s built that was actually just the power source for the primitive saucers the nazis made? (see historic image in comment below) In the lower vibration of the 3d minds of the Nazi’s was this crude craft the best they could do? Is the Keshe video showing us the tech the Nazis used in their saucers? that the bell craft was the “engine” for the saucer, an engine utilizing Plasma energy? In the pic of the nazi saucer you will see three spheres below, in the Keshe video you will see three of his plasma energy generators. As the new energies from the Galactic Central Sun pour in will we realize that we, our human body vessels, are the most advanced starship there is? is our kundalini or chakra energy Keshe’s quantum or multi dimensional plasma energy?

Interesting times as more revelations pour in. revelation= rise in vibration = activation of junk DNA = Ascension? discern for yourself. listen to your own heart when reading all such articles, but do not grasp too tight as your knowing may change at any time. For knowing is also quantum. Love and Light!

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