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May the Force be with you! -ONE

I went to the movies and saw Star Wars today “The Force Awakens”. Appropriate name for sure and timely. Early in the movie Harrison Ford Looks straight into the camera and states plainly to the audience like an announcement, like a secret revealed to all… “The Force is Real”. Glee fills my the heart as the energy rises up the Chakras. Lightworkers understand this truth and act on their knowing. Whereas in Star Wars they use Light Sabers, the Bible calls this powerful weapon against the dark, the sword of truth, and the shield of faith. This light saber, this sword of truth is revealed to be the powerful force of the Light which is in truth LOVE. Amazing isn’t it? As I have stated before, there are only two states of being, two emotions that is fear and LOVE, and the kicker is that fear is an illusion.

I was not going to go to the theater to see Star Wars I was going to wait for it to come to Amazon like I do most movies, but after I heard this ascension update message    I changed my mind. This message was said that This Star Wars movie was purposefully to be released at this time, the Christmas season and that the energy would reveal that the light and the dark are ONE and the same force, and that there is nothing outside the force. In the Buddhist and Hindu tradition All is God and there is nothing outside of God, Jesus told as much to the disciples when they urged Jesus to reveal the Father/mother to them. God (father/mother) said as much when the statement was made “I AM that, I AM.” to Moses When God chose to appear to Moses as a burning bush. This message is revealed all throughout the bible when we are ready to hear. We are ONE, so “LOVE ONE another” “Love your neighbor as yourself” because your neighbor is yourself. The Golden rules shares the message… “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” and on and on. Know that this message is engrained in all the faiths of LOVE taught on this planet through the ages.

1 corinthians 1:14-26
makes this understanding clear. We are all a part of the body, we are all ONE.14For also the body is not one member, but many. 15For if a foot should say, “Because I am not a hand, I am not of the body”, is it therefore not of the body? 16And if an ear should say, “Because I am not an eye, I am not of the body”, is it therefore not of the body? 17For if all the body were an eye, where would the hearing be? And if it all were hearing, how would there be smell? 18But now God has set everyone of the members in the body just as he has chosen. 19But if they were all one member, where is the body? 20But now there are many members, but the body is one. 21The eye cannot say to the hand, “I do not need you”; neither can the head say to the feet, “I do not need you.” 22But all the more, those members that are considered weak, on the contrary are needful. 23And those which we think are shameful in the body, we increase greater honor to these and for those that are contemptible we make greater attire. 24But those members which we honor do not need honor, for God unites the body and he has given greater honor to the small members, 25Lest there would be divisions in the body, but all the members should be caring equally one for another. 26 So now, when one member shall suffer, all of them shall share the pain. And if one member rejoices, all the members shall rejoice.

As an artist My thing is the power of creativity. Creativity is a super powerful manifesting force in the universe and a conduit to the creative to receive messages from the higher realms. Somehow through the ages Non creatives have found themselves in leadership positions. These folk have mistaken the lower energies of greed and ambition and honor seeking as talent often these will be in the lower energies of Fear, fear of everything. These people see danger everywhere even in those they claim to represent.

It would be no mistake then to find messages, truths from the cosmos embedded in your music, your movies, books, dance and on and on. Once you let God out of the narrow confines of the box of assumptions you have the universe blows wide open and messages pour in.

After the movie this revelation came. Over the years I kept saying that this year I would get into the Christmas spirit. year after year I would try to define the Christmas spirit and try to figure out why I just seemed not to be able to do it. I realized that the key was as Christmas came to ignore the commercial expectations completely, Not to worry about the responsibility to over spend, stress out and on and on. This presentless Christmas was a portal of understanding, that revealed to me the true gift of Christmas, the miracle of every day. Every day is a gift, every day is Christmas.

Now as I celebrate Christmas Or “Christ’s Mass” I realize that it is not necessarily for ME a celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ, rather a celebration of the Christ within us all, The Christ consciousness that inhabited Jesus and the same Christ Consciousness in all of us as told by Jesus himself.

Then I realized that something very special happens this time of year, people become kinder and more loving, for a couple of weeks we focus less on ourselves and more on others and seems to be a time of compassion and love outpouring from within ourselves. this all heralding the end of this planetary cycle bringing in a new planetary cycle. a new beginning, everything is an archetype, A fractal. All events are repeated throughout the universe. Every Particle contains the whole universe repeated.

Then lastly a synchronicity occurs as I was almost finished writing this blog post, I get a message from Neale Donald Walshe confirming these revelations.

On this day of your life,
Greg, I believe God wants you to know….
…that this is the eve of the birth of the Christ as you.

It is a re-birth, of course, for the Christ has always been

there. On this special eve, may you experience that
Presence in you, as you, through your sharing of the
love that has been brought to you directly from God.
The wonderful gift of Christmas is that it is not a one
day or one time experience, but lasts the whole year
through — thanks to you. You are the gift, and as
you give, so shall you receive.

I AM grateful and full of Love and Joy as I work along with others to manifest PEACE on Earth and Good will toward All. Love and Light and “May the Force be with you.”


So,what about channeling?

After the Post with Mathew Ward’s Message and the clip from the movie “Copying Beethoven” This insight came that I thought I would share in a separate blog post.
This blog is Titled: So,what about channeling?

I did an exercise in which I researched and found great actors who did extraordinary jobs of portraying people from History. Some of these people have said during interviews that they will often remain “In Character” During the whole movie process off and on the set. I don’t have to convince you of some of these performances that the actors appeared to be channeling their subjects. See images below of characters from movies, and the actors that played them.

Here is the definition of the word channeling from

Channeling:  [chan-l-ing]
“the practice of professedly entering a meditative or trance-like state in order to convey messages from a spiritual guide.”


Is it hard to believe that Channeling is for real? Pastors in the Christian church are said to be giving their message by the inspired word of the Holy Spirit. Channeling? Priests throughout the ages of many faiths seem to be channeling a higher guide. Shaman and Medicine men are said to channel spirit guides and animal guides as well their ancestors and see visions to.

As an artist I realized after a while that I was channeling a higher power through the act of creativity. Some call this a muse, or a higher angel. You see I knew all along that what I created was better than I could do alone and knew that an outside force was involved.

Are we not channeling when we are in the orchestra playing Beethoven playing instruments as we read the musical notes on the page, music notes based on sacred geometry and vibration. When playing the Beethoven piece is Beethoven not right in the midst of us directing? close your eyes and imagine it.

As Dancers dance a Choreography created by George Balanchine is George not present in every step? Channeling?

If you think about it a bit the idea of channeling will sound less crazy than considered at first. There are many who channel, and ONE I follow is Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll. But there are many, and as we grow there will be many more. We all can channel with our spirit guides, angels and higher dimensional beings, God or the Holy Spirit. it is a choice not a gift.

One example when we all channel is when we are stumped by a question and we ask out loud at an intersection… Should I go left? or right? Who are you asking? who then answers as you turn the car?

As I evolve I have learned that all of us are archetypes manifested in our personalities, a repeated pattern, a fractal.

 When we hear some music we like we say, “That sounds like so and so.” if we see a painting we say, that reminds me of so and so.” Someone may tell you that you are just like your father.” it is only natural to compare (or comme-pair, meaning an “Example by two” ) to others who have inspired us. or that we are channeling, yes?

It has been revealed to me that all of those we channel, whether our Spirit Guides, Arch Angels, Holy Spirit, Ascended Masters, Galactic Families are all in truth Our higher future evolved SELF. I call this Self ONE. We are all ONE. You are me and I AM thee. ONE. We will name the ONE we channel by whatever understanding we are at in our journey. All relevant and all appropriate. A choice.



A message From Mathew Ward for your upliftment

A special message for our upliftment from Mathew Ward:

listen to the message regarding power of Music and it’s role in our lives and it’s importance this Christmas season. Our upliftment.
Sometimes before I meditate I listen to an uplifting piece of music, or watch the video below to shoot my energies to the higher Chakras as a shortcut in meditation. Like an express elevator to the top chakra energy of Love, Peace, Joy etc.

Some that read this will understand what I am saying here. Some will say “It is Just Ed Harris playing Beethoven in a movie” And so it will be as you choose.
What if you could be there as a deaf Beethoven presented this piece of music to the world for the first time. Perhaps this video IS THAT very moment on a quantum level. It costs me nothing to believe this is true. Enjoy this beautiful excerpt from the movie “Copying Beethoven” with an incredible performance by the actor Ed Harris. Is Ed Harris channeling Beethoven? is he Beethoven? once we all fully comprehend we are all ONE, we now understand that we were all present during this angelic performance. And in that way, this clip is a remembrance, a fragment of the Akshic record?. In your heart you will know this is somehow true. Notice the lights dispersed throughout the audience as though the angels were in attendance for this very important event. Notice the Bliss Beethoven and the girl Anna bathe in as the music washes over them. Watch this in the revelations Mathew Ward’s message reveals. Love and Light. Namaste


Message from ONE

Join me at our weekly meditation today Sunday Dec 6th at 2pm (and every Sunday at 2pm) to bring world peace to the Earth and to yourself. You choose your reality.
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Message from ONE who is also called LOVE, and goes by another name revealed here today, Humanity.

The recent violent attacks have many disturbed and in fear and anger. This is the function of these planned attacks. In truth this violence is nothing new, Terrorism has been around since Kane and Able. Terrorism is  just another word for violence which is in truth Fear. The governments of the world have conditioned us to let the use of names such as Terrorism, The War on Drugs, the Salem Witch Trials (Muslims could easily replace Witch couldn’t it?) the McCarthy era communists and on and on as well as our  conveniently short memories to allow them (US) to turn these dark issues into a reason to spend trillions of OUR dollars and resources to control you and keep you in fear, to keep you from discovering the magnificent powerful beings of Light and Love you truly are. They use these dark issues to mesmerize you and distract you from the real source of the darkness, their institutions.

Fear is an illusion and LOVE is all there really is. Stopping to meditate or pray reveals this all encompassing LOVE which is the antidote to everything wrong on the planet since the time of Adam and Eve. LOVE is all there is, it is revealed in this message from God in the bible… “Love ONE another” in truth all faiths say this. As much is being revealed that the US government and other allies or what we call “The West” is supporting ISIS, and actually created ISIS, this truth is revealed. We are ISIS AND we are the light. In this time we are choosing to purge ourselves of the darkness within OURSELVES in the micro and the macro. Our fight to take control of our, out of control Egoic mind is on a personal micro level, however as each of us has an ego mind we also have our higher Self which is called LOVE. LOVE is subtle, a “Still small Voice” The Earth has an Egoic mind on the macro level, no less us. This mass Ego is ISIS, the Cabal, the Illuminati, the Dark, whatever WORD you want to use for it. On the Macro level just as on the micro level the Higher self just want you to STOP! LOVE demands that you just STOP now. Stop the violence and fear within yourself, and you will see no more of it in the world. Meditate or what some call pray to make this so. How does it make this so you might ask? Take your mind off of the violence long enough to pray and you would not believe the level it weakens the darkness as your light personally and collectively shines on it. “The answer to every question is LOVE, if LOVE is not in it, it is not the answer.”  “Selah”


Thanks Paul for reminding us Mindfulness is a powerful tool for us in these times. -ONE

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”        Philippeans 4:8

How prophetic and what a help for these times Paul is when he writes these words as a counter to what we are all facing today. We now know that most of the dark’s power stems from keeping us in fear, unsettled, blind to the beautiful seeing only violence and cursing decay which we have mistaken for time. Light Workers know that the Antidote to this toxic thought manifestation is to CHOOSE to see the beautiful, refuse to give over to violence in your sight, send love and light to negative thoughts that arise, transforming them to your will which in turn is a portal to an alternate reality. being mindful and falling on the side of LOVE in all things is your “E ticket” to ride. What is your choice then. Heaven on Earth or Hell on Earth?  Where you see the many kindnesses going on all around you, the beautiful acts of creativity, the incredible beauty and majesty of nature and the gift of peace and knowing  animals of all kind who are to our brothers and sisters, on this wonderful Earth. Earth or Gaia is the ultimate theme park we have chosen to play in.  Gaia is the best  playground in the cosmos! so far 🙂 Mindfulness is key, mindfulness is manifesting, mindfulness is magic. Mindfulness mixed with whimsey is a powerful creative force. The best advise we ever got from our mother was “It’s a beautiful day out, now get out there and play” now go get out there and play my friends, but be mindful. Thank you Paul!