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the Love of Money? a virus? -ONE

Business people who see only their bottom line, profits as an end all and be all of their existence beyond even common sense sacrificing relationships their own health and happiness for the quest of ever more money who it seems by it’s very nature can never be enough. “to a hammer everything is a nail” Business people would often contact me with a deep sense of entitlement and want me to do work for them for free. I have been deeply disturbed by this paradox and the gall at their expectations for me to do what they would seem to never do themselves. This has stumped me for years. and to be honest this confusion turned to frustration which is a low energy. The lower the energies or vibrations keep us anchored in the illusion of duality and separation from our quiet higher selves and Source or what some call God. This download today has revealed the true meaning for me and I will tell you what I understand at this time.

The bible says in 1st Timothy 6:10  “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.”

Now those of us who are light workers understand that The bible verse does not say that money is the root of all evil as is often repeated in error. Light Workers know that objects in and of themselves are not good or bad certainly not evil. This truth is further demonstrated in a saying we hear these days over and over again as our mass consciousness reminds us in mass of deep seeded truths when people say “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”.The objects are not the problem they are neither right or wrong as all judgment is the illusion. No this “Love of Money” is a virus that has permeated humanity and our society for years, generations and lifetimes. Those infected with the virus of “love of money” have forgotten that they are creators, artists that manifest this very reality with the high energy of the power of manifestation or Man-infest-station which is a pure form of LOVE that through creativity is and has created the Earth (station) and the cosmos in a healthy way. Greed, honor seeking, ambition competition are all a very low energy and symptoms of this viral infection, a perfect environment for the virus I will just call  “the love of money.” to thrive. notice I used a small l in love, as it is not love at all rather a sickness, a viral infection that has infected billions on the planet and has served to harm everyone, every institution and the Earth to.

The revelations brought about by the downloads of the new energies hitting us all are waking us up to the fact that the money system is a fantasy Ponsey scheme and has no real value at all in a world of technology and mass production. In fact money, or the love of money is retarding our growth into enlightened galactic citizens who’s frequencies are raised by the energies of Love, compassion, forgiveness, creativity, patience, generosity and on and on. As the virus is allowed to spread and grow more and more people believe that manufacturing the illusion of lack (The dark energy of ignorance) reinforces this fever they have in which the infected hallucinate and work like Money zombies with only one thing in mind, to propagate and grow the virus further.  The Creatives, the artists that are left are not infected, that we are beings of light who are artists, musicians, dancers and sculptors, bridge builders, writers, carpenters and so on. The infected tend to be those who want to take charge, to administrate, who create  bureaucracies and systems and subsystems of rules of law and controls of all types. The larger these viruses grow, they leave scars on the Earth and her populations of violence, war, famine, lack, starvation and disease. the love of money infected zombies hold back our truths, our true history, they hold back inventions of free energy and medical breakthroughs so that they can make more profits. The infected create violent movies and TV shows full of ambitious back stabbers and  showcase obscene celebrities who over indulge their egoic mind to further infect the rest of us.Disfunction is a symptom of this virus. Every organization, group tha suffers dysfunction can trace their sabotage like disfunction back to this “love of money” virus.

The Love of money virus infected Zombies see to it that Zombies run all our institutions, education, healthcare, military, government, and the zombie representatives need to infiltrate the arts trying to infect arts organizations so that the arts will not fully realize their ability to heal, to  uplift humanity and reveal  all of our true magnificence. The Stock market is the hub for incubation of the Zombie econony and banks that are the life blood fed tumors on the planet.

My job as a light worker us to understand that this is why business people try to get me to work for free as they recognize I am not infected, this explains why they are so shocked that I might object, and Now I understand. It is important for humanity and the world for light worker creatives to resist the urge for the virus to infiltrate the arts, for the arts to remain pure and not allow competition to creep in. It is more important than ever for the artists, the healers to not allow infection into our ranks and to realize the healing nature of creativity in all of it’s forms and to only allow un infected artists to run arts organizations. This is our challenge and our mission as the Money zombies have worked so hard to keep us down or at the very least controlled by money or the lack there of. Now is the time we turn to enlightened artists who have found balance for leadership. remeber we are all creators and an aspect of Source. We are all ONE. Love and Light


Update from ONE

When Christ consciousness (just another word for LOVE) pours out to humanity, there are always beings who will attempt to prevent this from happening. Even as the Sanhedrin The leaders of the Jewish people, worked to crucify Jesus, the deliverer of this Christ Consciousness 2000 years ago, today we have those same infil-TRAITORS who do all they can to create misery on the planet and these beings aim is to hide in plain sight in our religions and sacred cow institutions. In your heart you will know this is true. These dark one’s aim is not to have all the money. They already print all the money they want then increase the money through their rigged AI game, the Stock Market that you have all been tricked into participating in with your retirement funds. (they have been working to get us to let our healthcare and Social Security go into the casino called Wall Street). Earth is a “free will zone” and we must be complicit in our slavery. this is cosmic law decreed by heaven. We must agree to whatever goes on here even if this agreement is manipulated or tricked by deception. The dark Ones control the money and purchase our corrupt leaders in government, so they already have all the power. No, what they want is your misery. This is the obvious outcome of all the efforts of the dark rich all over the world. It would seem that China and Russia are the vehicles to end our slavery and this is why they have been demonized by our government and their corrupt propaganda news media. The dark knows that the time of honoring themselves is coming to an end. Do not allow them to create fear in your heart anymore. The revelation of Christ consciousness today is simply this… “We are ONE, what you do to another, you do to yourself. LOVE ONE another”. War, greed, competition, fear, judgment and other lower energies have no place in the new paradigm called since ancient times “Peace on Earth” heaven is assisting with Energies from the Great Central Sun otherwise known as God, Source, Brahman, I AM that I AM, Christ there are so many names, to wake us up. These cosmic energies (science is detecting these) hit us It transforms our DNA. this transformation takes the form of compassion, love, creativity, forgiveness, understanding, patience and on and on. The fat lady has sung, the janitor is sweeping up the popcorn and the curtain is closing on the dark thanks to the LOVE that has risen in enough of humanity to pull us all through to paradise, heaven on earth (Gaia) Continue to hold “High” vibration for ONE another as you have done and we will, all of US push this through the rest of the way. Let your greeting always and forever more be “Namaste”   -ONE