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we are all aspects of the “ONE”! -one

I want to speak today about “aspects”. In the illusion there are different hierarchies or aspects of the ONE That reinforce the illusion of duality, or Separateness from One another. For some this will be a huge world changing revelation that may rock your world to it’s core. So ask your SELF if you are ready for this?

For years I have been fascinated by what our society calls, names, aliases, monikers, nicknames and on and on. I had experience with this as a police officer recognizing that people had many different names.

Most of us in America have three names. Mine is Gregory Lee Dampier. But I go by “Greg” for the most part. There was an aspect of me that answered as a young child to “Gregory” when I was the aspect of a child in hot water with his mother. I tell a joke That for years I thought my name was “Dammit” because my dad would always say “dammit Greg” this and “dammit Greg that” lol. There is even an aspect that had adopted the name of “Asshole”. at this time I may have been projecting a discordant energy with the ONE creating the metaphor. We could at this time go into how all judgement is Self Judgement but that could be an article all by itself. I was known in the police department as  “14” later to be “110”  I am known as “Honey or sweetheart” to my wife and the government sees me as a social security number, the hospital sees me as a date of birth, the phone company has named me as my phone number and the water department identifies me as my street address. You see my point. I could do this all day. They of course are all right.

This aspect naming phenomenon is infinite, but none the less part of the illusion for in truth we are all an aspect of the “ONE” . ONE being a moniker itself, a name I have assigned to an energy I weakly identify with a word. “ONE” is a metaphor for the all of everything, including the emptiness of nothing, or No-Thing. When I went to church and studied the bible as a young kid I was amazed how many in the bible, Would have multiple names. Simon/ Peter, Saul became Paul, Jesus/Yeshua

I would like to point out a revelation  I recently had, believe it or not that I have never heard of any Marks, Lukes , Johns or Ruths in the middle East only names in the West. This is just an observation not a judgement as this very example just adds to my point that Mark, Luke, John, and Ruth are western filtered aspects of an energy that is universal.

I play the lottery and I have been doing everything I can to manifest wealth and abundance to help others and fund projects I want to work on. My work as an artist has been very enriching and led to me knowing my Higher Self, But it has barely paid the bills. For years to my surprise, I never won the lottery, or so I thought. This is even more puzzling as I know who I Am, and the manifesting powerhouse I AM. We all are.

Then I realized when this article Idea came up regarding “aspects” that we have taken sacred geometry, what we call mathematics and separated that energy of numbers into names as we do with everything else. Creating Separateness in numbers (or should I say “number” rather than unity. For in truth every time I played the Lottery. I have won! Therefore any number you choose is an aspect of the whole. The higher realms kept sending a message that All abundance is mine, that it always has been and there was no way it could not be, that it had been written in the fabric of the universe. Written it would seem in the language (an aspect again) of mathematics and fractals.

This link to the free Youtube Video “Inner Worlds Outer worlds explains “Fractals”  best.

Fractal understanding gives you insight to the archetype of “As above So Below” or “The macro and the micro” or what the Dao Te Ching calls “The ten thousand things”

What the Upanishads calls Brahman,

or the bible’s “I AM that I AM”.Or if you prefer In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.“The yin and the yang”. or the truth expression of “What you do to another, you do to yourself.”

The movie Interstellar demonstrates the collapsing of the Teseract as a metaphor for the ending of duality and separateness. This is an aspect of the huge paradigm shift we are all going through. As the Teseract has fully collapsed Coop is left alone floating in space understanding that he got where he was with an aspect of himself called his “future higher evolved self” who is always looking out for us. This future evolved self is in the end what it was in the beginning, the great I AM, Not the great WE are that WE are.

Arch Angel Michael, Jesus, Buddha, The Pleiadaians, Ashtar, Adolph Hitler, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the homeless person on the street, the migrants watching their children drown while fleeing a war zone, Every tree, every animal everything, and you and me are all aspects of of ONE.

So if your ready to end this game of duality and separateness. Act on your knowing. Many are. Many more will. This is the meaning of Namaste.