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stop watching the news! if you want to change your reality. -ONE

Stop watching the news! if you want to change your reality. -ONE

Our Aura is activated by intention. Setting intention is done through imagination and envisioning your reality as you are created in the image of God, you are a creator by design. You are an avatar in your very own game. A manifesting giant. Look around and you will see a very full sandbox we are playing in and all the objects or “debris” of our ongoing intentions. Many times we have hit the “Reset” button and started all over again. You see the left over remnants of past civilizations and cultures broken in the sand, buried below the new games we have built. Wars are created often times to cover up our past games and to wipe away the evidence to erase our memory of our infinite selves Part of the game is to forget so each life can start anew. That is unless you play the game in which you want to remember and move forward. The world seems to be in much turmoil. In fact it is not, or should I say it is as it has always been. Active and constantly changing. Those who bring you your news are creating their reality with or without you. Where your attention goes, there goes your manifesting energy. People who watch the news tend to want to hitch themselves to others (media) to decide the game for them (tribes) rather then create their own game. Back to the Aura subject I started with. You personal magnetic field will manifest your intentions, or mass Media’s intentions if you elect to have it to. taking back your power is relatively easy. Quiet your chattering mind, meditate, create! bathe in the warmth of Joy, Love, gratitude and forgiveness or just keep watching the news and hitch your ride to hate, depression, ignorance, war, intolerance. neither is right or wrong, a choice. But choose wisely. I have healed my body with activating my aura to do so. yeechh! cutting into the body is not only barbaric, but unnecessary. The body in this realm is a closed system. Being in a state of complete and total unconditional love for yourself and then others is the high setting for healing, them and you for in truthgwe are all ONE. I will give you an example. If you are fearful and you go out to buy a gun to protect yourself. You have activated a reality (Game) in which you will need to protect yourself. If you are in a state of Love and joy and gratitude, you will find yourself in the beautiful garden with no threats at all. This is how the game works. Worried about your health and complaining of getting old all the time? sickness is your choice. I will sayit again. Where your attention and intention goes, there goes your energy. This has been encoded in writings, music and even movies and tv shows for those with eyes to see. Here is a link to a Star Trek episode many may remember.


“experience was a cruel teacher, but a teacher beyond reproach” – Lee R. Hadley

Interesting that a soldier in the article above relies on what he describes is “others experiences” to help him make decisions and strategy. I was an avid reader myself, I considered myself a lifelong student. inside I knew that going to college was not for me. Going into debt for education was just not something I could bring myself to do. Without understanding fully why I rejected “Higher Education” deep inside I knew it was an extension of the corporate indoctrination I had already experienced. I had to become a quick study in my Police career and “experience was a cruel teacher, but a teacher beyond reproach” – Lee R. Hadley. After finding that voice within I taught myself to be an illustrator/graphic designer. I taught myself to use computers and the programs it took to create the artwork I wanted to create. After an incredible year and a half meditating with my teacher Scott on the dock at the Audubon Center Scott told me three things when he informed me that I was finished with him, that we were at the end of his guidance. Scott told me that Heaven took pity on me because I was about to start yet another course of study of the Edgar Casey material. Scott encouraged me to stop reading books and look to my inner knowledge, and the final thing I will never forget for me was so profound and life changing,truly it was an energy more than just the words. Scott said, “Remember, Everywhere you walk is holy ground”. As we arrive into this world we come in with the wisdom of the ages already intact. We come with a cosmic education into this 3-d soup of experiences. As we continue our experiences in this world we are given filters that color our experience in the same primary colors as everyone else never understanding all the other colored crayons are at our beck and call. These filters are created by others experiences who wrote them down in books. To be honest it was not hard for me to stop reading much to my surprise. After Scott taught me to look within, I just did not have the desire to read anymore. Plus my blindness makes it difficult. Once I stopped reading, i discovered I had access to the Cosmic library that was found within.once that happened all the systems started to become illusions, Hierarchical structures began to integrate and revealed themselves to be ONE.The veil was becoming thinner and institutions of control were revealed and continue to be revealed. The only way to keep my peace as these revelations came in was through unconditional love for all. This unconditional Love begins counter intuitively with ONE’s Self. Otherwise ONE may burn with hatred and anger and revenge when it is discovered how we have been controlled and the illusion of lack, and competition has been programmed into us over many life times. In reality abundance is our birth right. Scott told me a parable.

The parable of the rich man and the thief: – Scott Bennett.
there was a rich man who boarded a train with a diamond of great value.He was followed onto the train by a thief. The thief planned to steal the rich man’s diamond for himself. As the rich man excused himself to go to the bathroom the thief searched and searched the cabin to find the diamond of great value. After awhile the rich man returned to the cabin.Defeated the thief confessed that he had boarded the train to steal the rich man’s diamond. The thief begged the rich man to reveal where he had hidden it. The rich man reached over and removed the diamond from the thief’s vest pocket.
As I write this I realize that in fact I have not stopped reading. Articles seem to show up and inspiration to write my own experience results. It is not really the end of reading as much as the end of the search for knowledge outside of my own experience. At least for now. Looking within for that which people look outwardly for… I could never be a soldier of war. I suspect over my many lifetimes i have “Been there, Done that” and it no longer serves me. Love and Light. namaste