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revelation of the story of the prodigal son – ONE

Today I received a revelation from ONE That I will share with you. Of course you will make up your own mind. The time for the truth of the parable of the “Prodigal Son” is to be released as knowing which is a metaphor in 3d for an energy, that is part of the energy waves coming in. regarding Light Workers attitudes toward the dark/cabal. This archetype (Prodigal Son) is to activate now (should you decide to accept this mission 🙂) As all wake up to cosmic truths coming forward. The dark/cabal are the son that left and squandered his inheritance (allowed his/her frequency to drop). Light Workers are the good son that remained behind (in Higher frequency). There is a cautionary tale in the story about the attitude of the Good Son we all need to hear. In truth there is only light. Wherever there is light, shadows(illusion) appear. As the truth of our “Adventures” come forward we will find we have ALL been actors at ONE time or another in both the roles of the dark and the light, playing in the grandest Academy award performances of all time. (notice I said performances, plural)We have all been actors playing many roles throughout the ages. The statement attributed to God is to “Judge Not lest you be Judged” for in truth All judgement is self judgement. The warning about judgement is not an admission for God, for God makes no distinction between dark and light for in the realm of source there is no duality to judge. God cares not about what you do (Free Will) because mother/father God knows what ever choice you make in this play pretend time, the outcome will be very all right (Neale Donald Walsh’s Conversations with God) This revelation is to increase the frequency of Hue-manity. Music, books, movies even the dark one’s will have Loving messages encoded into them for clues or breadcrumbs to lead you out of duality if you wish or when the time is right. Often these loving messages will be deeply layered in a creative art form even the darkest ones if you patiently look. It will be right there. “Seek and ye shall find” this energy is again illustrated in Neale Donald Walsh’s metaphor of “The Little Soul and the sun” which there is a link for below. As multi dimensional beings we are playing this RV/GCR/NESARA, EVENT, Galactic family integration game for we want to allow the game of peace and prosperity on Earth to play for a change, for Hue-manity has tired of the dark games. We just want a new genre! On a higher level we know we are ONE, and duality was just a game we played. So lets remember that the dark cabal are us, and we are them. Yin & Yang. All ONE part of the whole. So lets throw down our pitch forks… there is no ONE to stick or string up but ourselves. Love and Light. Namaste