perspective? -ONE

There is so much being done and said these days. Another point of view such as this I AM writing may be easily dismissed. My spirit I call “ONE” slips me clarity as a very still small voice which I treasure. Occasionally it is not so still or small when it comes to me sharing this with others. I will ignore the urging but spirit becomes so insistent it is hard to ignore. So I write this amidst a sea of overstimulating information already coming in from many more “Qualified” sources. But I tell you this as a qualified source from my own inner experience, not my outward observation in the realm of my limited senses.
I have often reflected on my path which is always good to do from time to time. These days these reflections are no longer tainted by emotional trauma, This allows truth to come in much clearer. Once the small self (ego) no longer runs the whole show clarity or lets say a clearer understanding takes form. I no longer am limited by pain from the past or fear of the future. Paradoxically make no mistake, I AM still going through clearing.
Regarding my time as a Police officer I have reflected on the role I played in my limited understanding of the significance of that role at that time. I once drew a conclusion that I recall that if the only good I ever did was to give a stranger a spare jacket from my home one winter night. THAT would be enough. This morning as I awoke very early, very still and quietly. I realized that I have been frustrated by not seeing what I imagined “Progress” might look like in regard to what the series of events called “The Event” should manifest as to my senses. Then I realized that what we are talking about transpiring is well beyond my senses and more in the realm of my feelings or emotions which do not hold dominance in reality. Yes the senses are dominant in the illusion we call this 3d reality, but very little in the cosmic truth reality.
For instance I have a cat that lets us stay with her. She is a bit aggressive to the stray cats around the house. Little sister (the cat) has it made in the shade and has it very well and cushy. While a stray cat I feed from time to time, We call “Redrum” due to her voice when she meows sounds like the little boy from the movie “The Shining” seems be less well off. Then it dawned on me that perhaps the most significant acts we do seem to be very small or even insignificant in this illusory 3d realm but of great cosmic significance in reality and its many infinite dimensions. For instance, like when I was a policeman giving the coat to the man during a cold winter night, My feeding this stray cat “Redrum” may be saving the cosmos for all time, past present and future. Maybe Redrum is the archetype of the Cosmic gatekeeper, and my act of feeding it a little kibble every day keeps her going or at least assists. Maybe this is the Light, in the name Light Worker. There are no small acts. all acts are cosmic. This thought puts everything in perspective. Love and Light. Namaste

The digital painting below I call “The Event”



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