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on a lighter note! – ONE

A post I wrote in COBRA Etheric Liberation Facebook page:

Maybe this should be a regular article written by others here regularly. I will and others can to if it serves them. Titled “On a Lighter Note”


The world is a wonder isn’t it? I mean, many of us have learned that the wonder is that ANYTHING is possible here. My God we are truly creators of this reality where Thought becomes Form. I mean you just cannot make this stuff up can you? lol. Uh, I mean.. obviously we are, but…you know what I mean. Let us just examine this idea with a fractal subject of Pop culture, Sci-Fi movies books and comic books (one of my favorite subjects as I am a comic book collector and an illustrator and have been published in comic books.) When I was a kid, I read very basic 2-d comic books of archetypal characters and stories that as the years went by, the art got a little more 3-d until now Thor has gone from an ancient myth of an oral tradition, to literature, to comic books with basic 2-d illustrations with halftones and now he is seen in our world walking around flying around etc on movie screens all over the world Big as life! or should I say “Bigly as Life! 🙂 I mean Everyone laughed at Kirk’s communicator and Dick Tracy’s radio watch, and now here there are as every day occurrences as Apple watches and cell phones, Even the smart phones evolved from Spock’s Tri-corder. Yes? What Manifesting Wonders we are!

So I read this story about whistle blowers coming forward regarding Giants in stasis chambers underground wanting to sit out the last couple hundred years or so to be awakened at the time of earth’s and humanities ascension or what some call “The Event”, which I have heard and read about these sleeping giants before. Even as I write this I am realizing  there is a term encoded in our lexicon called “Sleeping Giants” here is the dictionaries definition:”ONE that has great but unrealized or newly emerging power” Merriam Webster dictionary. I just love the synchronicities found all up in that definition!

Now to be sure I don’t know if there ARE or there are NOT, and to be honest it costs me nothing to believe or disbelieve, so I just default to believe EVERYTHING! Applying it to my personal life is another story, in these cases I use discernment or how “I feel” about it. But the very thought of Giants among us is not that absurd is it? have you seen the NBA? I mean the historic records from the Bible to ancient texts to American Indian folklore all record such beings and much is being written about it even today. Even more than I am apparently aware of, and from some trusted sources who are friends such as Michael Tellinger. Then there is the story about the conspiracy to hide these Giants skeletal remains in the Smithsonian, all the way to a story about and ancient Egyptian like chamber on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Then the tales of ancient Giant race’s ruins found on other planets told by Corey Goode. The idea of these giants as big and tall and powerful as they are wanting to sleep through History makes me chuckle a bit, because truthfully? I am right there with them… LOL. As an eternal being who has been incarnated over and over again I understand the desire to sleep through the past centuries as silly and frustrating as they have been. LOL. As a Light Worker I can just as easily anchor Light and Love asleep can’t I? lol I am very sensitive to cosmic lyrics in modern music and these two songs came to mind stating this very thing, Aloe Blacc’s “Wake me up” here is a link to listen
and  John Mayer’s “Waiting on the world to change” here is a link to listen Just to name a couple.
No, My open mind led to my awakening and I AM not about to close it now, But can someone sign me up for one of those stasis chambers please! Sometimes I would just like to sit this ONE out. 🙂