What do we understand about the elements? whoever controls the elements, controls the world? – ONE

Especially the Aethers: Likely we know much about the Aethers in our dream state. Why do we forget? Why do we forget indeed? Did you know that when you go to the dentist, and you are “put under” you are actually “conscious” during the painful procedures? But that being put under removes the memories of the pain? How else could they get you to ever return to the dentist? So we know forced “Forgetting” is real. The question arises then, why is it so hard to remember what we did during the dream state? Is this forgetting induced?

Lets look at the way dark controllers attack the elements or subdue them or limits our unfettered exposure to them.
Fire: No longer do most of us cook our food with fire. We will have electric stoves or microwaves, removing us away from the flame. Interesting how we seem to be drawn to barbeques outdoors. We immediately put out forest fires that are a natural cleansing process needed by certain environments to stimulate growth. As children we are taught to demonize the flame, going so far to create the myth of the flames of a dark place called Hell. Chefs always seem to want to cook with real fire over electric heat. Interesting.

Water: our water has been under attack for centuries or longer. Forced institutionalized toxins introduced into our drinking supply. Pollution of our waterways by ignorant corporations and their low vibration leaders whose sole (soul) purpose is to make profits at the expense of all beings and the Earth herself. Water is now considered a commodity to be owned by corporate entities. Even stealing the rights to it in third world countries and sold back to the people at outrageous prices.

Earth: The illusion of ownership of plots of Earth. You can no more “Own” a piece of the Earth, anymore than a hair on your head or a cheek cell can own your body. These, like us and the Earth co-exist with ONE another while sharing ONE consciousness masked by our individuality or what we call our PERSON-ality. And yet our systems allow us to be controlled by the illusion that we can “legally ” own anything. Isn’t it interesting how the corporate you is so easily controlled by the system than the natural you, your PERSON-ality. I have been fortunate in my lifetime to be present as some have transitioned out of this world. They took everything they owned with them. In fact often they left this life the way they came into it. Naked with no belongings going with them to the next stage. No the controllers love to uphold the illusion of ownership of parts of the Earth, giving themselves permission to decide how these parcels are divided up with their convoluted illusory legal system of control. Now the controllers are wanting to divy up parcels on the Moon! Mineral rights on asteroids. In order to grant mineral rights you would need to own the Moon or the asteroids. What arrogance, what ignorance! This control allows them to re-energize themselves via Usery through the sacred cow, (or the golden goose) of the banking system who make the money they loan out of thin air, loaning 9 times more of it than they really have. The legal convoluted name for this practice is “Fractional Reserve Banking. Then they collect interest compunded into our children’s future. Often the dark ones (who are not evil, just ignorant to who they really are) will want to blow up, pollute and steal the Earth’s life blood, OIL for profits. This Oil intention is truly sad as free energy is available in abundance.

Air: Obviously air has been under attack for as long as we can remember. Then recently chem trails and electromagnetic pollution that appears to not only effect our air, but perhaps to the Aethers as well. As a species we have become shallow breathers leading to illness and dis-ease. Why are these elements under attack by the controllers? That is a good question. perhaps you can ask your inner man or woman. The ancients knew the healing power of the elements. Water and oxygen has incredible healing properties. Cancer cannot thrive an an oxygenated hydrated (with clean water) environment. the act of toroidal breathing creates a field of energy throughout our bodies as the forced air moves through increasingly smaller and smaller tubes of our bronchus fractally described in the Bible as the “Tree of Life” breath. It is believed this is the same process the pyramids used to create energy in ancient times, or at least harness the free energy from the Aethers. The breath is the only way you exist in this 3d time ruled reality. So how important are all of the elements? Well they must be pretty important for controllers to want to remove our understanding of their purpose and to limit our access to them in their purest form. But don’t believe me, ask your inner man of woman. Always, ask your inner man or woman, There is no greater authority than that. This article is inspired by my higher Self I call ONE to show me how all of this is connected. Love and Light, Namaste – ONE


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