You are a diamond in the eye of God just as you are. – ONE

In our commercial world, Knowledge and understanding of our existence is often controlled by gate keepers who’s motivation is profit. Often wrong information is passed out via carefully controlled teachers who themselves have been given wrong info, then bestowed a title of nobility who are then called “Experts” in order to standardize a world view that recognizes authority over your own inner knowing. All institutions are distractions from your truth which is quantum. That is to say that a thing can be, and not be all at the same time. there are a trillion truths and paths these are called personalities. Your inner education by your personal teacher (your higher future evolved self) is profound once you find it. Once found all other information that comes from without no longer satisfies. Once you discover unconditional Love for yourself and others, the universe allows you to see through the systems of control all around you. This understanding will only come when you don’t burn with anger over the audacity of ONE to control another. This idea of controlling others and imposed lack when there is abundance for all seems like evil, but is in fact deep ignorance. For in truth we are all ONE. What you do to another, you do to yourself. You are seeing this play out around us now as we see all the wrong people running all our institutions.These leaders are full of fear and disdain because they not only do not know who they are, they don’t know who YOU are. You are a diamond in the eye of God just as you are. How then can others see you as less. Ignorance. Darkness is ignorance. Light is knowledge, knowledge leads to the revelation that Love is all there is, and everything else is illusion. Love and Light. Namaste


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