“Intention is…. Everything” – ONE

After reading an article titled Human “Consciousness” Collapses The Quantum Wave Function In A Groundbreaking Study” I re-membered A book that discusses this subject was written in 1972 (Not only last century, but last millennium) by Michael Talbot “The Holographic Universe”. It discusses how the “Placebo effect” or Intention is the active ingredient in all healing and manifestation of our reality. That it is not the outdated needlessly expensive chemotherapy that cures the cancer, rather your belief that the chemo will cure the cancer. By the way when others join your intention it is energized by their intentions as well. This is Powerful. Many believe that the physical Drug causes the healing when we know that matter is full of empty space and wave forms actually make up most of the solids we call matter. Consciousness is the conductor of this quantum symphony. Consciousness will cure the cancer if you pray, meditate or visualize just as well as counting your blessings while counting the beads or a rosary or medicine bracelet. (these by the way do not put you and your families in the poor house) Study after study reveals this (for decades now) and is often frowned on by Academia who are often funded by companies that benefit from patented “treatments” which they are very careful never to call a cure. When ONE dis-covers that all healing is done by themselves (their own intention) ONE’s reaction is as Martin Luther King said… “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.” I currently practice my own healing with my intentions and have had results over and over again. Like all convoluted institutionalized systems such as law, banking and healthcare which allows complexities to hide malfeasance that benefits the few over the many, the convoluted healthcare system forced me to investigate alternatives, to look elsewhere for my health maintenance. My search led me to dis-covering that the answer is, and always was within myself.



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