“Chill Out! & don’t be hate’n” – ONE

Why Meditation Been so healing for me:
Early in My life I became a police officer. I constantly had people watching me, evaluating me and often judging. I had constant interactions with all sorts of people often in heightened states of anxiety. feeling as though I rarely saw people’s true face for a decade was strange as I am a very sensitive empath. Even friends would out me as they introduced me to other people never having what I would call genuine relationships. I suspect this is why police officers are so tight, this illusion of us and them is created although very unhealthy skewed view of the world. This feeling of constantly being “ON” all the time and being responsible to be a “trained Observer” constantly using my senses to uncover peoples evil deeds or at least illegal deeds in the eyes of the law. Then there was the agenda of the politically motivated administration of the Department and the normal responsibilities of Life left me unprepared to deal with a dynamic and loud “Ego” or what I call “Monkey Mind” or “Small Self” who is always shouting and yapping in your ear. Full of complaining, fear, doubt and dread. The Ego believes I had suffered in your past, and very fearful of the future. Then a teacher taught me to quiet that monkey mind and go inward via meditation. For a year and a half, I met with this teacher every afternoon on a dock at the Audubon Center and meditated until I brought the ego mind and my higher Self into a healthy balance. Now I have learned through inward introspection my true nature as an eternal being having a temporary experience in this sock monkey suit I now occupy and will fall away eventually, but I will go on. the deeper insight still that came was that my consciousness is connected to everyone elses consciousness and we are all ONE. That what you do to another you do to yourself. That usually when you judge another, you are actually focused on the personality traits you despise in yourself on some level, that is why prejudice is simply a form of self hate or self Loathing. if you can see yourself as “Less Than” or not “worthy of” as many institutions in our society teaches, you can then certainly see others the same way. Less than, and unworthy of being treated like you. Therefore by taking the time to quiet the mind and meditating is healing for you and the world. So do everyone a favor, especially in these days… “Chill Out! & don’t be hate’n” love and Light, Namaste – ONE


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