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stop watching the news! if you want to change your reality. -ONE

Stop watching the news! if you want to change your reality. -ONE

Our Aura is activated by intention. Setting intention is done through imagination and envisioning your reality as you are created in the image of God, you are a creator by design. You are an avatar in your very own game. A manifesting giant. Look around and you will see a very full sandbox we are playing in and all the objects or “debris” of our ongoing intentions. Many times we have hit the “Reset” button and started all over again. You see the left over remnants of past civilizations and cultures broken in the sand, buried below the new games we have built. Wars are created often times to cover up our past games and to wipe away the evidence to erase our memory of our infinite selves Part of the game is to forget so each life can start anew. That is unless you play the game in which you want to remember and move forward. The world seems to be in much turmoil. In fact it is not, or should I say it is as it has always been. Active and constantly changing. Those who bring you your news are creating their reality with or without you. Where your attention goes, there goes your manifesting energy. People who watch the news tend to want to hitch themselves to others (media) to decide the game for them (tribes) rather then create their own game. Back to the Aura subject I started with. You personal magnetic field will manifest your intentions, or mass Media’s intentions if you elect to have it to. taking back your power is relatively easy. Quiet your chattering mind, meditate, create! bathe in the warmth of Joy, Love, gratitude and forgiveness or just keep watching the news and hitch your ride to hate, depression, ignorance, war, intolerance. neither is right or wrong, a choice. But choose wisely. I have healed my body with activating my aura to do so. yeechh! cutting into the body is not only barbaric, but unnecessary. The body in this realm is a closed system. Being in a state of complete and total unconditional love for yourself and then others is the high setting for healing, them and you for in truthgwe are all ONE. I will give you an example. If you are fearful and you go out to buy a gun to protect yourself. You have activated a reality (Game) in which you will need to protect yourself. If you are in a state of Love and joy and gratitude, you will find yourself in the beautiful garden with no threats at all. This is how the game works. Worried about your health and complaining of getting old all the time? sickness is your choice. I will sayit again. Where your attention and intention goes, there goes your energy. This has been encoded in writings, music and even movies and tv shows for those with eyes to see. Here is a link to a Star Trek episode many may remember.


“experience was a cruel teacher, but a teacher beyond reproach” – Lee R. Hadley

Interesting that a soldier in the article above relies on what he describes is “others experiences” to help him make decisions and strategy. I was an avid reader myself, I considered myself a lifelong student. inside I knew that going to college was not for me. Going into debt for education was just not something I could bring myself to do. Without understanding fully why I rejected “Higher Education” deep inside I knew it was an extension of the corporate indoctrination I had already experienced. I had to become a quick study in my Police career and “experience was a cruel teacher, but a teacher beyond reproach” – Lee R. Hadley. After finding that voice within I taught myself to be an illustrator/graphic designer. I taught myself to use computers and the programs it took to create the artwork I wanted to create. After an incredible year and a half meditating with my teacher Scott on the dock at the Audubon Center Scott told me three things when he informed me that I was finished with him, that we were at the end of his guidance. Scott told me that Heaven took pity on me because I was about to start yet another course of study of the Edgar Casey material. Scott encouraged me to stop reading books and look to my inner knowledge, and the final thing I will never forget for me was so profound and life changing,truly it was an energy more than just the words. Scott said, “Remember, Everywhere you walk is holy ground”. As we arrive into this world we come in with the wisdom of the ages already intact. We come with a cosmic education into this 3-d soup of experiences. As we continue our experiences in this world we are given filters that color our experience in the same primary colors as everyone else never understanding all the other colored crayons are at our beck and call. These filters are created by others experiences who wrote them down in books. To be honest it was not hard for me to stop reading much to my surprise. After Scott taught me to look within, I just did not have the desire to read anymore. Plus my blindness makes it difficult. Once I stopped reading, i discovered I had access to the Cosmic library that was found within.once that happened all the systems started to become illusions, Hierarchical structures began to integrate and revealed themselves to be ONE.The veil was becoming thinner and institutions of control were revealed and continue to be revealed. The only way to keep my peace as these revelations came in was through unconditional love for all. This unconditional Love begins counter intuitively with ONE’s Self. Otherwise ONE may burn with hatred and anger and revenge when it is discovered how we have been controlled and the illusion of lack, and competition has been programmed into us over many life times. In reality abundance is our birth right. Scott told me a parable.

The parable of the rich man and the thief: – Scott Bennett.
there was a rich man who boarded a train with a diamond of great value.He was followed onto the train by a thief. The thief planned to steal the rich man’s diamond for himself. As the rich man excused himself to go to the bathroom the thief searched and searched the cabin to find the diamond of great value. After awhile the rich man returned to the cabin.Defeated the thief confessed that he had boarded the train to steal the rich man’s diamond. The thief begged the rich man to reveal where he had hidden it. The rich man reached over and removed the diamond from the thief’s vest pocket.
As I write this I realize that in fact I have not stopped reading. Articles seem to show up and inspiration to write my own experience results. It is not really the end of reading as much as the end of the search for knowledge outside of my own experience. At least for now. Looking within for that which people look outwardly for… I could never be a soldier of war. I suspect over my many lifetimes i have “Been there, Done that” and it no longer serves me. Love and Light. namaste


God says.., “I AM Life” & Life is God, what does that make you?”

Yesterday was a very unsettling day for me. I felt like I was coming out of my skin.  In fact the last while I had been having interrupted sleep, aches and pains, stomach distress and major anxiety which I thought I had left behind, Periods of complete drowsiness in which I had to stop what I was doing to go right to sleep. As though in the etheric realms I was summoned for a meeting or a task. I felt better after talking with my wise old friend Joey Fikert who has that effect on me and He probably does not realize it.

Could it be? I was having another “Dark Night of the Soul” episode? It would appear that “Dark Nights of the Soul” episodes are events that continuously occur throughout eternity as we evolve to our next version our next higher self. A storm that you must pass through, through. Many will turn away from this storm as it is wild and scary due to its extremely disquieting nature. This DNOTS storm signals a transformation occurring and the release of new energies within and revelations that are manifested from these energies. These dark Nights of the Soul precede a heavy download of light. A packet of data that I call revelation. I think these packets are described in Arch angel Michael’s messages as “crystalline seed atom within our Diamond Core God Cell”. In fact this would actually explain that these revelations are not downloads from other locations, rather activation’s by this new cosmic energy coming in as our Solar System as we move to a new part of the galaxy. to activate these revelations within us and to transform us in density.

The words in the massage mentioned in the article below will not be anything new, in fact they will simply be a deeper revelation of a Truth I have already experienced. Of course it is. These truths have been around and where revealed and reiterated by many teachers. Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, and so many more archetypes, teachers that come after. every generation has the. However most churches will say we have not heard from one for over two thousand year. Some churches would have you believe that Jesus is still up there on the cross. Lifeless and stuck beyond his own power rather than alive and well living in every atom in you, always had, always will.

These light packets (also called Love) contain potent understanding that transcends this 3-d reality. Earlier in my Facebook page I wrote of a synchronicity I experienced followed by a vivid dream I remembered which is rare for me. In the dream the subject was a message being delivered by a “mother ship”. Below is the post I wrote about That synchronicity and the dream. This post is the revelation or message that was being delivered in my dream. Furthermore this would indicate that when you are ready, every inspiration will hold a clue for you to activate these light codes embedded in each of us. By who you may ask?….By Ourselves. Our future higher evolved selves that came here in 3-d to play in the realm of limitation in a cosmic game of Scavenger Hunt. Small clues we leave ourselves like some angelic Hansel and Gretel (feminine/masculine) leaving bread crumbs along the way to lead themselves back to themselves. Like Shakespeare it would appear that the Brothers Grim encoded truths into our collective consciousness. of course there are many other encodings, common sayings that last over the years, songs, movies books etc. Language itself is rich with encodings in the very words themselves. As I did research for an illustration I found encodings in Bok Tower in Lake Wales. They are everywhere. All part of our fractal universe which we see patterned in sacred geometry. As above so below. The Micro and the Macro. David Wilcock recently revealed a 3-d model of this fractal structure. At it’s core. at the very beginning of the Big Bang all of it came from the original photon. The “original thought” as spoken of in the Law of ONE. This original element this primordial first thought is LOVE. This too is encoded in your very being for as your mother and father came together You were born in an act of Love.

 “So last night I finished customizing this cruise ship design at 2:45 am for a customer who’s family is going on a cruise. A few days ago a person from Canada purchased the same design which required customization for a company cruise. That design I finished at 2:45 am. This is unusual as usually my clients are screen printers not individuals. And I had done this design years ago and had not sold it again in a few years. This morning I awoke with a clear memory of a dream I had in my sleep. My wife and I were coming in for a landing in a jumbo jet approaching Tampa airport. It was obvious we were coming in too low to land on the runway. instead we were heading straight for the Tampa Tribune newspaper office downtown. As we braced ourselves for the crash. The next thing we know, we were standing outside the jet, safe. The jets nose of the plane stopped right at the front door of the Tribune office safe and sound. The nose of the plane hung over the front steps of the tribune office with the nose inches from the glass.I have been able to interpret dreams the past few years. As I awoke I asked myself what the dream meant and this came to me immediately without hesitation. “We have come a long way to bring a message” Wow! Huge Cruise ships. Jumbo jet? mother ship? hmm”

The last Message I received was a light packet download or revelation in the movie “Interstellar” that I have written about many times. This beautiful simple message was given for this tumultuous times we are now in, and we need this tool more than ever. This tool is a filter to ease the waves that are tossing us all to and fro. “The answer to every question is LOVE. If Love is not in it, it is not the answer.”

The new paradigm shift occurring, as a new evolving cosmic energy activating our light codes (cosmic wifi) and leaves no one out. Many find themselves with some very ugly baggage or junk coming up and out, clearing. Clearing not only for ourselves, but for our past lives and each other and the Earth herself. There is a lot of blood on the ground and it will be cleared moving forward. Many may find themselves revolted by their own feelings and attitudes that reveal themselves and arise. This ugliness is coming up individually and collectively for clearing. These nasties are revealing themselves collectively in this election cycle with Hillary and Donald I am sure you will agree. If you think it is bad now, wait until the “morning after” when you are in the hangover of this binging of darkness arising that smells like a”three day drunk and bad choices” (that is disgusting) lol. This new age we are moving into will not tolerate these old energies and you either go along with the program and ride these waves or you fight and are buffeted and beat up by these waves. Love is the dominant emotion of the new paradigm and you will submit or go kicking and screaming finding new levels of Curmudgeonly you never new existed. We will all submit and by God we will submit. Yes by God for it is decreed by the “All that is”.

In the book “Revelations of God”, one sequal to the book “Conversations with God” lovingly written by Neale Donald Walsch and beautifully read allowed by Ed Asner and Ellen Burstyn. audio found here at   This simple message is found even like the download in my dream.

GOD states… “It is time to reveal Who I AM…

God is Life. and Life is God. He goes on to say, not figuratively but Literally. ”

This simple message has been encoded throughout the ages. Every child in Bible school knows that the most important message in the Bible, if you forget everything else is this.

“Love God First, and your neighbor as yourself”

In order to love another in this 3-d reality you must Love yourself first, for in truth there is no “Other” we are all ONE. What you do to another, you do to yourself. literally. “All judgment is self Judgment” this is why the Bible warns “Judge Not lest you be judged” for the worst and most damaging judgment is Self judgment. Self loathing and self hate allow us to see others as separate from us. Okay to war with, to compete with, to build armies against, to create weapons against. To allow to go hungry, to allow to go homeless, to create borders against to create tribes. To Kill. All hierarchy in the end is illusion for we are all ONE. Every person, animal, plant, mineral, every particle, energy, every Photon, every thought are a part of the ONE. The consciousness behind every Eye is the same having a different experience.

For a few years now I have been posting songs that were inspired by artists. Some songs I grew up with some new, but although I sang them I never realized what the lyrics were stating. Often what we think are Love songs between a boy and a girl, are actually Love songs to our Higher Selves (Spirit) from our Ego selves or what I call our small self. Or visa-a-versa. These songs express on a deep level the yearning for the Higher Self to integrate with the ego self. Not to destroy the small Self, but to come into balance. I believe that often the artist themselves are unaware of the revelation from their own
“crystalline seed atom within our Diamond Core God Cell”. creatives express from this place within and share or speak their truth. Not necessarily for others, Sometimes they speak them aloud for themselves or to just allow the energy to permeate the ethers. Creatives know that this loving creative energy leaves them and ripples out into the world an on some level effects everyone it touches. Often Music industry execs will change the lyrics to make the piece more commercial. But I believe the original though is often a yearning for the Higher Self to the small self. Sometimes a reminder from our higher future evolved Selves never to forget that Love is all there is. These messages are sent form our future higher evolved selves that identify themselves as angels, Arch angels, Aliens or higher dimensional beings. of Light. Kryon is such a messenger and revealed that Archangels are a collective. Even water is conscious on a level that we will understand when we are ready. rystals and Plasma energy as well it would seem are multi dimensional life forms. All these are aspects of God.

This post will eventually find itself in my book I am writing called “Walking with Truth, a journal” I will give a comprehensive listing of all the songs, movies, books, dances artwork or creative expressions that have these messages. Often in the mornings while making my tea, A song will pop in my mind, and sure enough on examining the lyrics a message is there on some level. There all along.

Walking in Love and Light is so important as the revelations poor in. It is hard to be intolerant with Love, but it can show up. So having this in mind. I will respectfully and lovingly express a truth I want to share with you. It is simply this. “Those of you who think you know… Are pissing off those of us who do!” LOL

 that is just a funny way to say that there are many on the planet who understand this stuff, that we are all love. we are ONE, and we are bored to tears with your fighting, killing, greed and indifference. Your “I want all my pie” capitalistic greed is particularly boring and tired especially when you use the church to justify your attitudes. You work so hard and justify your behavior saying I am doing this thing to another for my kids or my family when Everyone and every kid IS your kids and family! Honestly, wake up!. No really, it is time to wake up now. We are ONE. this is the end game my friend. You are all ONE! no more excuses for “doing to another what you would NEVER have done to yourself” remember? the Golden Rule!

There is No honor and it is not Christ like to be a state mandated sniper and covertly shoot people in the head from a thousand yards with a precision device designed to hit what er you shoot at. This is not talent my friend.  You are Not a hero. Try making something and all that desire to kill, maim or destroy will leave you and you wall say. “What was I thinking!” Killing… Sucks, making shit… Great! Don’t get me wrong, there is no wrong or right, just what suits you. Often what has suited me in the past no longer serves me in the future.  this is evolution and an eternal ongoing process of all life. “I used to shoot people in the head for my country, but now I don’t want to” you may say. There is no Evil. There is only ignorance. That is of course why you feel shitty and need to drink a lot after you have killed someone. What you do to another, you do to yourself. Hello.

  It seems that we always find ourselves with exactly the wrong people who step up to lead. They are always putting themselves forward to be a “Public Servant” Know this. A time is coming when only awake conscious women and men who know they are a spark of the divine and are Love will lead and the rest of you suits need to go sit down and shut up. That was the nice way to say it. 🙂  That time is now and it is up to all of us to decide to be the change we want to see in the world. What are we waiting for? What are you prepared to do? lets surf these waves of transformation and dive right in head first. and for God’s sake, loosen your tie, grow your hair, your choking off your throat chakra. smoke a joint something 🙂 Love and Light. Namaste.


we are all aspects of the “ONE”! -one

I want to speak today about “aspects”. In the illusion there are different hierarchies or aspects of the ONE That reinforce the illusion of duality, or Separateness from One another. For some this will be a huge world changing revelation that may rock your world to it’s core. So ask your SELF if you are ready for this?

For years I have been fascinated by what our society calls, names, aliases, monikers, nicknames and on and on. I had experience with this as a police officer recognizing that people had many different names.

Most of us in America have three names. Mine is Gregory Lee Dampier. But I go by “Greg” for the most part. There was an aspect of me that answered as a young child to “Gregory” when I was the aspect of a child in hot water with his mother. I tell a joke That for years I thought my name was “Dammit” because my dad would always say “dammit Greg” this and “dammit Greg that” lol. There is even an aspect that had adopted the name of “Asshole”. at this time I may have been projecting a discordant energy with the ONE creating the metaphor. We could at this time go into how all judgement is Self Judgement but that could be an article all by itself. I was known in the police department as  “14” later to be “110”  I am known as “Honey or sweetheart” to my wife and the government sees me as a social security number, the hospital sees me as a date of birth, the phone company has named me as my phone number and the water department identifies me as my street address. You see my point. I could do this all day. They of course are all right.

This aspect naming phenomenon is infinite, but none the less part of the illusion for in truth we are all an aspect of the “ONE” . ONE being a moniker itself, a name I have assigned to an energy I weakly identify with a word. “ONE” is a metaphor for the all of everything, including the emptiness of nothing, or No-Thing. When I went to church and studied the bible as a young kid I was amazed how many in the bible, Would have multiple names. Simon/ Peter, Saul became Paul, Jesus/Yeshua

I would like to point out a revelation  I recently had, believe it or not that I have never heard of any Marks, Lukes , Johns or Ruths in the middle East only names in the West. This is just an observation not a judgement as this very example just adds to my point that Mark, Luke, John, and Ruth are western filtered aspects of an energy that is universal.

I play the lottery and I have been doing everything I can to manifest wealth and abundance to help others and fund projects I want to work on. My work as an artist has been very enriching and led to me knowing my Higher Self, But it has barely paid the bills. For years to my surprise, I never won the lottery, or so I thought. This is even more puzzling as I know who I Am, and the manifesting powerhouse I AM. We all are.

Then I realized when this article Idea came up regarding “aspects” that we have taken sacred geometry, what we call mathematics and separated that energy of numbers into names as we do with everything else. Creating Separateness in numbers (or should I say “number” rather than unity. For in truth every time I played the Lottery. I have won! Therefore any number you choose is an aspect of the whole. The higher realms kept sending a message that All abundance is mine, that it always has been and there was no way it could not be, that it had been written in the fabric of the universe. Written it would seem in the language (an aspect again) of mathematics and fractals.

This link to the free Youtube Video “Inner Worlds Outer worlds explains “Fractals”  best.

Fractal understanding gives you insight to the archetype of “As above So Below” or “The macro and the micro” or what the Dao Te Ching calls “The ten thousand things”

What the Upanishads calls Brahman,

or the bible’s “I AM that I AM”.Or if you prefer In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.“The yin and the yang”. or the truth expression of “What you do to another, you do to yourself.”

The movie Interstellar demonstrates the collapsing of the Teseract as a metaphor for the ending of duality and separateness. This is an aspect of the huge paradigm shift we are all going through. As the Teseract has fully collapsed Coop is left alone floating in space understanding that he got where he was with an aspect of himself called his “future higher evolved self” who is always looking out for us. This future evolved self is in the end what it was in the beginning, the great I AM, Not the great WE are that WE are.

Arch Angel Michael, Jesus, Buddha, The Pleiadaians, Ashtar, Adolph Hitler, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the homeless person on the street, the migrants watching their children drown while fleeing a war zone, Every tree, every animal everything, and you and me are all aspects of of ONE.

So if your ready to end this game of duality and separateness. Act on your knowing. Many are. Many more will. This is the meaning of Namaste.



the Love of Money? a virus? -ONE

Business people who see only their bottom line, profits as an end all and be all of their existence beyond even common sense sacrificing relationships their own health and happiness for the quest of ever more money who it seems by it’s very nature can never be enough. “to a hammer everything is a nail” Business people would often contact me with a deep sense of entitlement and want me to do work for them for free. I have been deeply disturbed by this paradox and the gall at their expectations for me to do what they would seem to never do themselves. This has stumped me for years. and to be honest this confusion turned to frustration which is a low energy. The lower the energies or vibrations keep us anchored in the illusion of duality and separation from our quiet higher selves and Source or what some call God. This download today has revealed the true meaning for me and I will tell you what I understand at this time.

The bible says in 1st Timothy 6:10  “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.”

Now those of us who are light workers understand that The bible verse does not say that money is the root of all evil as is often repeated in error. Light Workers know that objects in and of themselves are not good or bad certainly not evil. This truth is further demonstrated in a saying we hear these days over and over again as our mass consciousness reminds us in mass of deep seeded truths when people say “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”.The objects are not the problem they are neither right or wrong as all judgment is the illusion. No this “Love of Money” is a virus that has permeated humanity and our society for years, generations and lifetimes. Those infected with the virus of “love of money” have forgotten that they are creators, artists that manifest this very reality with the high energy of the power of manifestation or Man-infest-station which is a pure form of LOVE that through creativity is and has created the Earth (station) and the cosmos in a healthy way. Greed, honor seeking, ambition competition are all a very low energy and symptoms of this viral infection, a perfect environment for the virus I will just call  “the love of money.” to thrive. notice I used a small l in love, as it is not love at all rather a sickness, a viral infection that has infected billions on the planet and has served to harm everyone, every institution and the Earth to.

The revelations brought about by the downloads of the new energies hitting us all are waking us up to the fact that the money system is a fantasy Ponsey scheme and has no real value at all in a world of technology and mass production. In fact money, or the love of money is retarding our growth into enlightened galactic citizens who’s frequencies are raised by the energies of Love, compassion, forgiveness, creativity, patience, generosity and on and on. As the virus is allowed to spread and grow more and more people believe that manufacturing the illusion of lack (The dark energy of ignorance) reinforces this fever they have in which the infected hallucinate and work like Money zombies with only one thing in mind, to propagate and grow the virus further.  The Creatives, the artists that are left are not infected, that we are beings of light who are artists, musicians, dancers and sculptors, bridge builders, writers, carpenters and so on. The infected tend to be those who want to take charge, to administrate, who create  bureaucracies and systems and subsystems of rules of law and controls of all types. The larger these viruses grow, they leave scars on the Earth and her populations of violence, war, famine, lack, starvation and disease. the love of money infected zombies hold back our truths, our true history, they hold back inventions of free energy and medical breakthroughs so that they can make more profits. The infected create violent movies and TV shows full of ambitious back stabbers and  showcase obscene celebrities who over indulge their egoic mind to further infect the rest of us.Disfunction is a symptom of this virus. Every organization, group tha suffers dysfunction can trace their sabotage like disfunction back to this “love of money” virus.

The Love of money virus infected Zombies see to it that Zombies run all our institutions, education, healthcare, military, government, and the zombie representatives need to infiltrate the arts trying to infect arts organizations so that the arts will not fully realize their ability to heal, to  uplift humanity and reveal  all of our true magnificence. The Stock market is the hub for incubation of the Zombie econony and banks that are the life blood fed tumors on the planet.

My job as a light worker us to understand that this is why business people try to get me to work for free as they recognize I am not infected, this explains why they are so shocked that I might object, and Now I understand. It is important for humanity and the world for light worker creatives to resist the urge for the virus to infiltrate the arts, for the arts to remain pure and not allow competition to creep in. It is more important than ever for the artists, the healers to not allow infection into our ranks and to realize the healing nature of creativity in all of it’s forms and to only allow un infected artists to run arts organizations. This is our challenge and our mission as the Money zombies have worked so hard to keep us down or at the very least controlled by money or the lack there of. Now is the time we turn to enlightened artists who have found balance for leadership. remeber we are all creators and an aspect of Source. We are all ONE. Love and Light


Update from ONE

When Christ consciousness (just another word for LOVE) pours out to humanity, there are always beings who will attempt to prevent this from happening. Even as the Sanhedrin The leaders of the Jewish people, worked to crucify Jesus, the deliverer of this Christ Consciousness 2000 years ago, today we have those same infil-TRAITORS who do all they can to create misery on the planet and these beings aim is to hide in plain sight in our religions and sacred cow institutions. In your heart you will know this is true. These dark one’s aim is not to have all the money. They already print all the money they want then increase the money through their rigged AI game, the Stock Market that you have all been tricked into participating in with your retirement funds. (they have been working to get us to let our healthcare and Social Security go into the casino called Wall Street). Earth is a “free will zone” and we must be complicit in our slavery. this is cosmic law decreed by heaven. We must agree to whatever goes on here even if this agreement is manipulated or tricked by deception. The dark Ones control the money and purchase our corrupt leaders in government, so they already have all the power. No, what they want is your misery. This is the obvious outcome of all the efforts of the dark rich all over the world. It would seem that China and Russia are the vehicles to end our slavery and this is why they have been demonized by our government and their corrupt propaganda news media. The dark knows that the time of honoring themselves is coming to an end. Do not allow them to create fear in your heart anymore. The revelation of Christ consciousness today is simply this… “We are ONE, what you do to another, you do to yourself. LOVE ONE another”. War, greed, competition, fear, judgment and other lower energies have no place in the new paradigm called since ancient times “Peace on Earth” heaven is assisting with Energies from the Great Central Sun otherwise known as God, Source, Brahman, I AM that I AM, Christ there are so many names, to wake us up. These cosmic energies (science is detecting these) hit us It transforms our DNA. this transformation takes the form of compassion, love, creativity, forgiveness, understanding, patience and on and on. The fat lady has sung, the janitor is sweeping up the popcorn and the curtain is closing on the dark thanks to the LOVE that has risen in enough of humanity to pull us all through to paradise, heaven on earth (Gaia) Continue to hold “High” vibration for ONE another as you have done and we will, all of US push this through the rest of the way. Let your greeting always and forever more be “Namaste”   -ONE


May the Force be with you! -ONE

I went to the movies and saw Star Wars today “The Force Awakens”. Appropriate name for sure and timely. Early in the movie Harrison Ford Looks straight into the camera and states plainly to the audience like an announcement, like a secret revealed to all… “The Force is Real”. Glee fills my the heart as the energy rises up the Chakras. Lightworkers understand this truth and act on their knowing. Whereas in Star Wars they use Light Sabers, the Bible calls this powerful weapon against the dark, the sword of truth, and the shield of faith. This light saber, this sword of truth is revealed to be the powerful force of the Light which is in truth LOVE. Amazing isn’t it? As I have stated before, there are only two states of being, two emotions that is fear and LOVE, and the kicker is that fear is an illusion.

I was not going to go to the theater to see Star Wars I was going to wait for it to come to Amazon like I do most movies, but after I heard this ascension update message    I changed my mind. This message was said that This Star Wars movie was purposefully to be released at this time, the Christmas season and that the energy would reveal that the light and the dark are ONE and the same force, and that there is nothing outside the force. In the Buddhist and Hindu tradition All is God and there is nothing outside of God, Jesus told as much to the disciples when they urged Jesus to reveal the Father/mother to them. God (father/mother) said as much when the statement was made “I AM that, I AM.” to Moses When God chose to appear to Moses as a burning bush. This message is revealed all throughout the bible when we are ready to hear. We are ONE, so “LOVE ONE another” “Love your neighbor as yourself” because your neighbor is yourself. The Golden rules shares the message… “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” and on and on. Know that this message is engrained in all the faiths of LOVE taught on this planet through the ages.

1 corinthians 1:14-26
makes this understanding clear. We are all a part of the body, we are all ONE.14For also the body is not one member, but many. 15For if a foot should say, “Because I am not a hand, I am not of the body”, is it therefore not of the body? 16And if an ear should say, “Because I am not an eye, I am not of the body”, is it therefore not of the body? 17For if all the body were an eye, where would the hearing be? And if it all were hearing, how would there be smell? 18But now God has set everyone of the members in the body just as he has chosen. 19But if they were all one member, where is the body? 20But now there are many members, but the body is one. 21The eye cannot say to the hand, “I do not need you”; neither can the head say to the feet, “I do not need you.” 22But all the more, those members that are considered weak, on the contrary are needful. 23And those which we think are shameful in the body, we increase greater honor to these and for those that are contemptible we make greater attire. 24But those members which we honor do not need honor, for God unites the body and he has given greater honor to the small members, 25Lest there would be divisions in the body, but all the members should be caring equally one for another. 26 So now, when one member shall suffer, all of them shall share the pain. And if one member rejoices, all the members shall rejoice.

As an artist My thing is the power of creativity. Creativity is a super powerful manifesting force in the universe and a conduit to the creative to receive messages from the higher realms. Somehow through the ages Non creatives have found themselves in leadership positions. These folk have mistaken the lower energies of greed and ambition and honor seeking as talent often these will be in the lower energies of Fear, fear of everything. These people see danger everywhere even in those they claim to represent.

It would be no mistake then to find messages, truths from the cosmos embedded in your music, your movies, books, dance and on and on. Once you let God out of the narrow confines of the box of assumptions you have the universe blows wide open and messages pour in.

After the movie this revelation came. Over the years I kept saying that this year I would get into the Christmas spirit. year after year I would try to define the Christmas spirit and try to figure out why I just seemed not to be able to do it. I realized that the key was as Christmas came to ignore the commercial expectations completely, Not to worry about the responsibility to over spend, stress out and on and on. This presentless Christmas was a portal of understanding, that revealed to me the true gift of Christmas, the miracle of every day. Every day is a gift, every day is Christmas.

Now as I celebrate Christmas Or “Christ’s Mass” I realize that it is not necessarily for ME a celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ, rather a celebration of the Christ within us all, The Christ consciousness that inhabited Jesus and the same Christ Consciousness in all of us as told by Jesus himself.

Then I realized that something very special happens this time of year, people become kinder and more loving, for a couple of weeks we focus less on ourselves and more on others and seems to be a time of compassion and love outpouring from within ourselves. this all heralding the end of this planetary cycle bringing in a new planetary cycle. a new beginning, everything is an archetype, A fractal. All events are repeated throughout the universe. Every Particle contains the whole universe repeated.

Then lastly a synchronicity occurs as I was almost finished writing this blog post, I get a message from Neale Donald Walshe confirming these revelations.

On this day of your life,
Greg, I believe God wants you to know….
…that this is the eve of the birth of the Christ as you.

It is a re-birth, of course, for the Christ has always been

there. On this special eve, may you experience that
Presence in you, as you, through your sharing of the
love that has been brought to you directly from God.
The wonderful gift of Christmas is that it is not a one
day or one time experience, but lasts the whole year
through — thanks to you. You are the gift, and as
you give, so shall you receive.

I AM grateful and full of Love and Joy as I work along with others to manifest PEACE on Earth and Good will toward All. Love and Light and “May the Force be with you.”